What Does Carnation Symbolize? Know the Flower Meaning

A large spectrum of colors can be found in carnations, including pink, white, red, yellow, and scarlet. They are widely used for dying, so even if you can’t find a natural color you like, you can always make it yourself! Different shades of color signify various things. White carnations represent pure intentions and happy outcomes. Carnations represent admiration with light red petals. The deep red color of the carnations is a symbol of love and affection. Carnations in pink are a symbol of gratitude. Yellow is a representation of disillusionment or being turned down. Purple is a symbol of capriciousness. Some flowers that resemble carnations include dianthus, sweet william, and pinks, which are all members of the same family, Caryophyllaceae. These flowers share similar characteristics, such as ruffled petals, clove-like fragrances, and a wide range of colors.

What Is the Origin of the Name “Carnation”?

So, where did the flower known as a carnation get its name? There are a great number of myths and speculations surrounding this topic. Some people believe that the word “coronation” is where the term “corona” came from because the flower was used in Greek ceremonial crowns. Others, however, believe that the name derives from the Latin word “carnis,” which translates to “flesh,” because the first carnations were primarily pink in color.

Even knowledgeable people in the field of flowers, such as ourselves, are clueless about where the name “carnation” came from. However, we know the name “dianthus caryophyllus” used in scientific circles originated from the all-powerful Greek god Zeus. Because the word for flower in Greek is anthos and the Greek word for Zeus is dios, they combined their names to create the word “dianthus.” Carnations are revered as the “flower of the gods” for several reasons, including the following:

Red Carnation Flower Meaning

Red Carnations, like roses, are the perfect flower to choose if you want to make a romantic gesture that conveys your profound love and affection for another person. These flowers have ruffled petals, which add a unique and exciting textural element to any arrangement. The brilliant red adds a splash of color that immediately draws attention.

While red carnations and chrysanthemums are often associated with love and affection, they have different meanings and cultural significance.

‘Laced Romeo’ is considered one of the most desirable cultivars. It bears double red flowers with white stems that fringe their edges. They have the same sweet fragrance as other carnations and are available year-round.

Known as the “King of the Blacks,” Carnations are hardy flowers that can be used in any arrangement to easily add a splash of color that is almost as dark as black. Double flowers with a velvety texture and a deep burgundy color sit atop this fascinating cut flower’s sturdy stems. The leaves have a bluish-gray hue and remain green throughout the year.

The ‘Garden Spice Red’ Carnation is yet another well-liked variety of red Carnation. These plants produce double flowers that are frilly, red, and small, and they bloom for an extended time. Like other types of carnations, Garden Spice Red carnations have a pleasant scent and lend an interesting textural element to floral arrangements.

Pink Carnation Flower Meaning

A mother’s love is unconditional and eternal, just like the love represented by beautiful pink carnations. The color of a mother’s love is unmistakably bright, warm, and comforting. Just like the soft bloom of a pink carnation, maternal care is always there to nurture and protect. Often associated with purity and innocence, this delicate flower conveys feelings of warmth and mercy.

Some say that the intense hue of a fresh-picked pink carnation almost has enough light to hypnotize someone into calmness. This delicate but powerful flower embodies positive emotions such as happiness, joyfulness, and love. For many, picking a pink carnation as part of a floral arrangement is the perfect way to show someone how much they mean to them.

Yellow Carnation Flower Meaning

The bright yellow of a carnation flower is symbolic of sunshine and happiness. The cheerful hue also represents the optimistic view that life should be fully enjoyed. Carnations, among the most widely consumed flowers, are often viewed as a messenger of goodwill and optimism. They’re usually used in arrangements to add a touch of brightness and energy, making people smile even when feeling down.

Some believe that wearing yellow during happy occasions gives you plenty of luck because it represents prosperity and good health. It’s also considered a highly protective flower, representing the sun in the sky and all that it brings to life. According to legend, yellow carnations were used by knights in Britain during the Middle Ages as a symbol of courage. Today, they’re often given as gifts at weddings or other special events because they reflect warmth and sincerity.

White Carnation Flower Meaning

There are many different meanings for white carnation flowers; each one is just as beautiful and special as the next. Here are a few of the most popular:

  • Love: White carnations are often given in love cards or bouquets because they symbolize purity, innocence, and new beginnings.
  • Grief: A white carnation may be sent as a gesture of sympathy when someone has lost a loved one – it reminds them that their sadness is not alone.
  • Happiness: Perhaps unsurprisingly, fresh white carnations symbolize happiness and newfound joy. They can also be used in wedding ceremonies or other celebratory events to remind guests that all things will eventually turn into the light again.