Carnation Colors: A Guide To Carnation Flower Color Meanings And Their Symbolic Definition

Did you know that there are many different meanings to the color carnation? From being happy and positive to gentler and romantic, there’s a reason why this flower is so popular. This article explores the different color meanings of carnation and provides tips on how to use this lovely flower in your everyday life. From invitations to bouquets, carnation flowers have endless possibilities!

White Carnation

White carnations are a symbol of purity, chastity, and innocence. In addition, it is an excellent gift to give a woman to convey your sincere appreciation to her. White carnations are the ideal flower to give someone to express your sentiments that they are charming. They are frequently utilized at ceremonies such as baptisms and weddings. They’re are also considered to be symbols of new beginnings and prosperity. White carnations are worn in the Netherlands to honor veterans and to remember how the country fought back during World War II. They’re a common choice for funerals because they are the traditional white flower symbolizing profound sorrow and mourning. White carnations can also be found in graduation bouquets or as a gift for someone moving away.


A white carnation is a great way to show someone how much you care about them, whether a childhood pal or an old neighbor. You can give them as a gift to reassure someone that you do not suspect them of wrongdoing.


A bouquet of white carnations is a lovely way to convey your sentiments of undivided devotion. Unlike the flashy romance of a red rose or poppy, it promotes a more subdued but no less potent sentiment.

You can use this flower to express your desire to spend the rest of your life with a specific person.

People give white carnations as gifts to those they admire and care about because they symbolize purity. As the name suggests, these delicate flowers should only be handled with great care.

If you have a sensitive nature and are prone to experiencing strong emotions, this flower may speak to you.

It’s said that seeing or receiving white carnations in a dream portends the possibility of meeting someone whose goodwill and integrity will astound you. While their naivety may shock and surprise you, you will develop an emotional attachment to them because of their purity and morality.

Wishing You Success and Happiness

As a result, white carnations are a popular choice for wedding bouquets. Traditionally, this is a sign of good fortune for the newlyweds, expected to have a long and fruitful marriage with few regrets.

Adding white carnations to graduation bouquets is a way to symbolize the beginning of a new chapter in a person’s life that will be prosperous. Several American colleges and universities, including Oxford University in England, have a tradition of wearing white carnations to first exams as a sign of good fortune.

A dream about white carnations may indicate that you will experience good fortune in a significant area of your life, such as your workplace, school, or family.

People who appear to hold white carnations in your dreams may be a sign from your subconscious that you value their company and consider them a lucky charm.

Thankfulness and Loyalty

If you are happy and thankful for someone, you can show them by giving them a bunch of white carnations, which stand for gratitude.

White carnations are also a sign of loyalty and faithfulness, which is why they are often used in wedding bouquets when someone wants to show their love and loyalty to their partner.

Some paintings from the Renaissance show the tradition of the bride and groom giving each other white carnations as a promise to stay together.


As a result of their beauty and purity, white flowers are frequently used at funerals. White also represents the possibility of eternal life, which is appropriate for the theme of a funeral floral arrangement. White carnations are frequently given as a token of respect and hope to the family of recently departed individuals.

An untimely death or the dreamer’s fear of someone they care about passing away could be indicated by a dream that features images of a sleeping or unconscious person with white carnations.

Red Carnation

The use of red carnations as a symbol of friendship and admiration is common, especially when they are light in color. Deep red carnations often symbolize love, deep affection, and passion. They are the perfect flower gift for anniversaries.

Affection and Love

Carnations are generally associated with love, but red carnations have a more romantic connotation. The passionate red of a flowering red carnation is characterized by its deep red hue.

Another way carnations can represent love is in a bridal bouquet of red blooms. They’d also be an excellent gift for anniversaries, weddings, and other special occasions.

You can be given to anyone you care about as a sign of affection or family loyalty. Let go of any expectations you may have had about receiving a red carnation from a non-romantic partner. Possibly, they didn’t intend it to be romantic.


These beautiful red carnations have been used in poetry and art for generations. The red carnation is a symbol of ardor and intrigue and can be used to describe anyone.

If you are given red carnations, it may be a sign that someone truly admires you.

According to some dream interpreters, seeing red carnations in your dreams signifies that something in your life right now has you captivated. A new love interest or a new hobby can pique your interest, and you may find yourself completely absorbed in both.


Flowers of the carnation, like a red dress, are red. When the woman enters the room, it commands attention.

If you’re given red carnations, it could signify that someone thinks you’re the best dressed at the party. They believe you are the most beautiful woman they’ve ever seen.

In the same way, the red carnation is a good choice if you’re trying to decide which flowers to give someone, so long as you think the recipient is unique—giving red carnations to a special someone who is one of a kind and unlike anyone else would be a wonderful gesture.


A person’s love for another is expressed through the gift of red carnations.

Red carnations were seen as an appropriate method of courting a woman in the past, indicating that you were eager to begin an intimate relationship with them.

You may be a passionate and hardworking individual if you see red carnations in your dreams. You may have this dream during a period of intense interest in some aspect of your life, such as a new hobby, business endeavor, or romantic relationship.

Pink Carnation

The sentiments of motherly love and gratitude are conveyed through the use of light pink carnations. Carnations in the shade of dark pink convey tenderness and affection. Some people use them on their first dates as a way to express the beginnings of love.

Most people give pink carnations, which are thought to have the most meaning. Their complicated story started when Christ was nailed to a stake. It was said that his mother’s tears, Mary, watered the seeds that grew there. Because of this, most people think of them as a sign of a mother’s or other maternal figure’s everlasting love. They are also often used to show gratitude in various situations. Pink carnations are a great way to say “thank you” to a teacher, nurse, coworker, or anyone else you want to show a little extra appreciation.


In addition to expressing gratitude and admiration, Love Carnations symbolize devotion and unconditional love.

For romantic love, motherly affection, or friendship, pink carnations are the best way to express your emotions.

Many people use carnations in poetry, poetry, songs, and artwork to express their feelings for someone. Giving them to those you care about lets them know you think highly of them.

The color pink has long been associated with romantic feelings. In contrast to the passionate romantic love associated with red blooms, they do not.

As a result, they can express a much broader range of delicate emotions. According to some sources, they’re a diverse group. Friendship, mature romantic love, and familial love are all mature relationships.

Enchantment and Fascination

Carnations are associated with awe and fascination due to their dazzling appearance. Carnations are a beautiful way to show your love and appreciation for your partner while praising their attractiveness.


Carnations stand out from other flowers because of their unusual, aesthetically pleasing, and delicate form.

With their eye-catching blooms, carnations know how to stand out in a crowd and pique the interest of onlookers. A bouquet of pink carnations is the perfect way to express appreciation for a unique member of your family or circle of friends.

The pink can also imply a playful, spontaneous, or thoughtful disposition.


Getting married with a bouquet of pink carnations is a common choice. You’ll show the world your love and devotion when you walk down the aisle with a bouquet of these flowers.

The 15th and 16th century Renaissance artists used pink carnations in many of their works. Using them as hair accessories, table decorations, or buttonholes is a good idea because they enhance your overall appearance.

Mom’s Affection

A pink carnation symbolizes an everlasting mother’s love, gratitude, and tenderness. These are the very emotions that strengthen the bond between a mother and her children.


Pink carnations are a symbol of thanksgiving in many cultures. They are a wonderful way to express your gratitude to someone else.


Innocence and grace are associated with pink carnations. In the past, the color pink was associated with both innocence and tenderness. Whether the color is associated with youth and blushing or is aesthetically pleasing, pink is a popular choice.

Carnations in pink make lovely baby shower decorations or gifts for a little girl.

Yellow Carnation

When you need to express your condolences, you give someone yellow carnations. They stand for regret or disappointment. You can give this flower when you want to express a sincere apology.


Yellow carnations are frequently used as a delicate way to express disappointment without being overtly obnoxious or direct after heartbreaks. Yellow carnations are the flower to give if you want to declare the end of a romantic or platonic relationship.

Yellow frequently suggests a person is a liar or a coward. A loved one or significant other may end your relationship if they give you yellow carnations.


On the other hand, yellow carnations can be given to a loved one as an apology or sign of regret.

Yellow flowers have been a sign of friendship and caring since ancient times. You can tell a close friend you’re sorry and try to get back together by giving them a yellow flower, like a yellow carnation.

So, if you want to say sorry or show someone you care, you could give them a bouquet of yellow carnations. Make sure you send a letter with the carnations, so they know what they mean.

Sadness and Frustration

Even though yellow is the most cheerful color, yellow carnations don’t send the most cheerful message. If you give them to someone, it means you’re disappointed in them or yourself. You can also send them when someone close to you has died.

Since it means “disappointment,” it can mean that you need to own and accept your feelings of disappointment.

Yellow carnations are a common choice when you want to tell someone they’ve let you down in some way by sending them flowers.

Orange Carnation

Orange carnations are colorful, adaptable carnations that exude a sweet, cozy, and incredibly vibrant energy. We often associate orange with flamboyance, warmth, spontaneity, and adventure. This flower evokes all of these good feelings when it is in bloom. An arrangement of orange carnations is frequently used to energize a room. They are commonly used at gatherings or gardens to inspire creativity and joy.

The orange carnation represents joy, happiness, warmth, zeal, creativity, grit, inspiration, and good health. These carnations give your flower arrangements a sweet pop of color, like how an orange peach sweetens the mouth.

Happiness and Joy

The color of happiness is said to be orange. One of the hues that most conjures up joy is this one, along with satisfaction. Perhaps this is because orange is a color we sometimes associate with the sun and light. Give your partner a bouquet of orange carnations if you want to bring back lovely joy and fun memories. It will subtly convey your eagerness to have fun and make humorous memories. Contrarily, unless the recipient has specifically requested it, giving orange carnations during a wake or a time of mourning may be viewed as insensitive.


Orange is a warm color. Alongside red and yellow, it is a warm color on the color wheel. But among the warm hues, orange is debatably the warmest. Orange is typically associated with just the sun’s warmth, whereas red can get too hot (and thus evokes passion). As a result, orange carnations are frequently seen as a symbol of warmth, vitality, and vigor. Orange carnations are commonly placed around a home to convey that it is warm and caring. It’s a place where guests will be made to feel welcome and, ideally, joyful. According to dream interpreters, an orange carnation in your dream may indicate that you’re feeling warm emotionally in your life. It might be because you have a loving partner or amiable friends.


It is a quality that is connected to warmth. Warm colors that are energizing, like orange, aid in spreading enthusiasm. These carnations can encourage optimism and vigor in a garden or indoor arrangement. Orange carnation dreams indicate that you are highly spirited and enthusiastic about something.

  • In the office: If you’re the boss, you can scatter this carnation all over the place to infuse it with inspiration and positive energy.
  • In the classroom: As a teacher, you can instill a positive atmosphere by putting orange carnations in the room.


Enthusiasm is a quality connected to warmth—warm colors that are energizing, like orange, aid in spreading enthusiasm. Orange carnations can encourage optimism and vigor in a garden or indoor arrangement. Orange carnations can be used in the following ways to spread enthusiasm:

  • In the office: If you’re the boss, you can scatter this carnation all over the place to infuse it with inspiration and positive energy.
  • In the classroom: As a teacher, you can instill a positive atmosphere by putting orange carnations in the room.


Not many flowers are orange in color. Red, white, and yellow flower petals are more frequently seen.

Orange flowers in your garden give it some personality. Orange stands out as a unique and uncommon color.

Like this, scattering orange flowers throughout your home will give it a burst of vivid energy. It demonstrates your individuality and your upbeat, bubbly personality.

Around May is when orange carnations typically bloom in the late spring. Along with various colored carnations, they are frequently used in spring gardens to evoke a feeling of cheery, jubilant happiness.

Purple Carnation

These flowers symbolize capriciousness, implying that purple carnations are commonly used to express sympathy for a tragic event. They may also be used to solicit an apology.

In France, the purple carnation is their traditional funeral flower.

Purple is a half-blue, half-red color that is perceived as having a meditative quality similar to that of blue and an energizing quality similar to red.

Purple carnations are often used to decorate gardens and to create a calming environment.

When it comes to gifting them, they’re a reasonably innocuous choice. They don’t evoke love like red roses or innocence like white roses, but they’re still pretty. They can be given to friends, family, and partners, making them a versatile gift.

Meditation and Self-Reflection

Like the deep blue of the ocean, purple conjures up feelings of mystery and awe. Deep contemplation is elicited as a result of this acuity. To meditate, we need to enter a garden of purple carnations, which can help us achieve this state of mind.

As a result, purple carnations represent a peaceful and harmonious state of mind.

Purple carnations around your home can help you achieve a peaceful mood and a relaxed state of mind. Those prone to anxiety will benefit significantly from receiving these flowers as they can maintain their composure in the face of stress.


King and queen in antiquity wore Royalty Purple. Queen Elizabeth even forbade anyone outside the royal family from wearing it through what was known as the sumptuary laws, from donning it in modern times.

Royal gardens, palace grounds, or even the formal gardens of people trying to portray wealth and class may contain purple carnations.


Purple carnations are a great way to incorporate this color into our landscapes.

Purples can put us in a state of mind where we are ready to pursue creative endeavors. Many people are taken aback by the surreal effect of the purple carnation. Its meditative effect can be attributed to the blue hues.

Carnations of the purple variety can, in effect, bring harmony to mind, body, and soul.

They encourage creativity by arousing our emotions and calming our minds, which are necessary for making fresh, insightful interpretations.

Because purple carnations are so popular with musicians, authors, poets, and painters, it’s not surprising.


You can give them to someone affected by adversity, such as a bereaved family member, as a gesture of sympathy. The flower is a symbol of tenderness and makes the recipient feel loved.

Seeing a purple flower in a dream shows a compassionate and empathic state of mind for spiritual people.

If you happen upon a purple carnation in the wild, some spiritualists believe it may signify that you must improve your capacity for compassion.

Blue Carnation

Carnations symbolize serenity, genuine love and commitment, spirituality, uniqueness, love, and fascination.

Serenity and Peace

A sense of tranquility and peace has long been associated with blue flowers because of the color’s connection to nature’s elements of sky and water.

Commitment and a True Affection

Deep and lasting love and commitment are often symbolized by the color blue, which is often chosen as a wedding theme by many couples (compared to red, which is a short-term passion).

The use of blue carnations in wedding bouquets can signify a couple’s unwavering dedication and undying affection.

In the same way, a husband can give his wife blue carnations as a token of his unwavering devotion to her.


Spirituality Blue connects to Heaven, immortality, and spirituality in Eastern traditions.

Blue is often associated with Heaven and spirituality in parts of the Middle East. It is a sign of holiness in Judaism.

This is why blue flowers are often used as a spiritual symbol.


In nature, blue is a rare color. A blue flower is an ideal present for someone who values originality and creativity. It can signify your admiration for their uniqueness and your belief in their self-originality.


In addition to their traditional meaning as a symbol of devotion, carnations also connote love. Gifting carnations for occasions like an anniversary is a beautiful idea.

While red flowers typically connote passionate romantic love, blue flowers can represent love in all forms. Love for one’s family, romantic love, or a friend can all be expressed in this way.


In many cultures, the color blue symbolizes the unknown. A single blue flower is a common gift to someone you think is mysterious and exceptional because it symbolizes mystery.


As a result of their captivating appearance, carnations are often linked to awe and wonder. They have been depicted in art, poetry, and music for centuries. If you send someone a beautiful carnation bouquet, you express your admiration for them.

Green Carnation

In florist shops, these traditional flowers are also known to stand for a deep and healthy connection with nature and mother earth.

Also, because this flower looks soft and elegant, it is seen as a sign of wealth. People put them around their homes or gardens to show how well off they are.

Gay Pride and Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde and his followers started putting a green carnation on their lapels to show they were proud to be gay. When his comedy Lady Windermere’s Fan opened in 1892, he made his fans and friends wear them.

It’s thought that Wilde brought the idea of the green carnation as a flower for gay pride from Paris to London, where it became well-known.

In his interviews, Wilde was very vague about what the green carnation meant to him. Even though he told his fans to wear it, it was thought that only people in Wilde’s fan group knew what the flower meant at the time.

Getting in Touch with Nature

Its green color brings the person who wears it right into touch with nature. It reminds everyone who sees it to take care of themselves and stay in touch with the outside world.

The delicate flower and its soft green color show how fragile nature is and how important it is to take care of it. Because of this, the green carnation could be the flower of environmental groups.

If you dream about green carnations, it could be a strong sign from your conscience that you need to spend more time in the outside world. Make a conscious effort to include natural things in your diet and way of life because ignoring these things can be bad for you.

Striped Carnation

When it comes to carnations, striped ones have a more negative connotation than their solid-colored counterparts,

It’s a code word for “no thanks.” If you’re not with someone, you’re saying “no” to their affections. Compared to yellow carnations, it is seen as a gentler rejection because it contains many colors. Adding another solid-colored carnation to the arrangement adds even more emphasis to the sentiment.