Chrysanthemums Flower Meanings

The name “chrysanthemum” comes from the Greek language. “Anthemon” means “flower,” and “Chrysos” means “gold.” Thus, “golden flower” is the literal translation of “chrysanthemum.” They come in various colors and styles, making them perfect for any garden. Their flowers are also very popular – often used in floral arrangements. In this article, we’ll explore the meaning of the chrysanthemums flower.

Meaning By Color


The beauty of the chrysanthemum is its unique color. The flower is often described as looking like a beautiful red rose. This bright color can symbolize passion and love, which makes it an elegant choice for a romantic affair.


The pinks in a chrysanthemum’s petals can also represent the feminine side of life. The soft color is calming and soothing, making it perfect for someone feeling stressed or upset. The chrysanthemum’s vibrant colors are typically seen in the fall season. Together, they remind us of all that is beautiful and warm during this time of year. Pink is often a sign of friendship and love. They are important in Japan because they represent the Imperial family.


The purity of the chrysanthemum’s petals is symbolic of spiritual matters. The flower often represents new beginnings and renewal, which can be seen as a sign of hope for the individual and society. The meaning of white chrysanthemums changes based on where you are. In some places, like Western Europe and Japan, white chrysanthemums are only given to people who are sad or in mourning. In other places, white flowers are a sign of innocence, purity, honesty, and loyalty.


The chrysanthemum’s leaves are green because they contain chlorophyll, which helps to create energy from sunlight. This resourcefulness can symbolize the plant’s ability to thrive in any climate or situation.


The color orange is often associated with the holiday season. The chrysanthemum’s bright orange petals are a cheerful addition to any fall bouquet. They remind us of all the cheer and happiness that awaits us in the weeks and months ahead. They make people feel happy, excited, and other good things.


The color yellow is associated with the sun and solar energy. It’s also seen as a symbol of happiness and light. The brightness of the chrysanthemum’s petals makes them an ideal choice for flower arrangements that will be viewed in direct sunlight, such as at an outdoor wedding or party.


The violet color is associated with the purity of love and emotions. It’s also traditionally seen as a symbol of mourning. The chrysanthemum’s deep purple petals are both stunning and sad, making them perfect for floral bouquets that will be viewed by people who are grieving.

Definition By Each Country

The meanings of chrysanthemums vary depending on where you are. A flower that represents joy in one location might represent death in another. Consider the location and cultural background of the recipient before using these flowers to send a message.


Mums are the recognized flower for mothers in Australia. As a result, you can anticipate seeing many of these blooms on this holiday.


Chrysanthemums do not represent life in Belgium or other Western European nations such as France and Austria, but rather death and mourning. They are frequently utilized as memorial and funeral flowers.


The chrysanthemum symbolizes longevity and fortune in Chinese culture. As a result, these flowers are frequently brought to occasions like baby showers and birthday parties.

The chrysanthemum, plum blossom, orchid, and bamboo are collectively known as the “Four Gentlemen” in China. For over a thousand years, painters have depicted these four plants in their works, frequently using them to depict the varying seasons.

The word “chu” was used in ancient China to describe chrysanthemum flowers. The name Chu-Hsien translates to “city of chrysanthemums.” The chrysanthemum is currently the floral emblem of Beijing and Kaifeng.


Chrysanthemums were first seen in Japan, and people noticed that the petals opened up in the right order. As a result, the Japanese started to associate perfection with mothers. The sun is another symbol of chrysanthemums. Japan has a National Chrysanthemum Day that falls on the Festival of Happiness because they love the flower so much. On the other hand, white chrysanthemums are often used as funeral flowers and grave decorations because of their association with death.

United Kingdom

Chrysanthemums are often associated with death in Europe, but not Great Britain. Mums are a representation of happiness and longevity to the British.

United States

Chrysanthemums symbolize friendship, happiness, and well-being in the United States. Since they are among the most well-known fall flowers, they are frequently associated with the coming of autumn.