What Does Hydrangea Symbolize? Discover the Meaning Behind this Beautiful Flower.

Hydrangeas are a popular flower known for their large, showy blooms and various colors. But did you know that hydrangeas also carry symbolic meaning? Understanding the symbolism behind hydrangeas can add depth and meaning to any occasion or gift.

Hydrangeas have different meanings in different cultures and periods. In Japan, hydrangeas are associated with gratitude and apology and are often given as gifts to express these sentiments. In Victorian England, hydrangeas were associated with frigidity and heartlessness and were sometimes used in “revenge bouquets” sent by spurned lovers. Today, hydrangeas are often given as gifts for weddings, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Hydrangea Symbolism in Art and Literature

Hydrangeas have been a popular subject in art and literature for centuries. In Japanese culture, the hydrangea symbolizes gratitude, often featured in paintings and poetry. The flower’s delicate petals and vibrant colors make it a favorite among artists and writers.

In Western culture, hydrangea has been associated with vanity and pride. In Victorian times, it was believed that giving someone a hydrangea was a way of telling them that they were boastful or arrogant. However, this negative connotation has largely fallen out of favor in modern times.

Hydrangeas are also a popular subject in floral arrangements and wedding bouquets. Their large, showy blooms make them a favorite among brides, and they are often used to symbolize grace, beauty, and abundance.

One of art’s most famous depictions of hydrangeas is Claude Monet’s painting “Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge.” The painting features a serene pond surrounded by lush greenery and blooming hydrangeas. The painting has become an iconic representation of the beauty and tranquility of nature.

The symbolism of hydrangeas in art and literature varies depending on the culture and time. However, the flower’s beauty and grace make it a beloved subject for artists and writers worldwide.

Hydrangea Symbolism in Different Colors

Hydrangeas come in various colors, and each color has its symbolism. Here is a breakdown of what each color represents:

PinkHeartfelt emotions, romance, and true feelings
BlueApology, regret, forgiveness, and frigidity
WhitePurity, innocence, grace, and boasting
PurpleDesire to deeply understand someone
GreenRenewal, health, and good fortune

While pink hydrangeas symbolize romance and true feelings, blue hydrangeas are associated with apology, regret, and forgiveness. White hydrangeas represent purity and innocence but can also symbolize boasting or bragging. Purple hydrangeas are often given to express a desire to understand someone deeply. Green hydrangeas, on the other hand, are associated with renewal, health, and good fortune.

It’s important to note that the symbolism of hydrangeas can vary depending on the culture and context. For example, in Japan, hydrangeas are associated with gratitude and apology, while in Europe, they are often seen as a symbol of vanity and boastfulness.

When choosing hydrangeas as a gift or for a special occasion, it’s important to consider the color and its associated symbolism to ensure the message is appropriate and meaningful.

Hydrangea Symbolism in Different Occasions

Hydrangeas are versatile flowers that can convey different emotions on various occasions. Here are some examples:


Hydrangeas are popular wedding choices that symbolize love, commitment, and gratitude. White hydrangeas often represent purity and innocence, while blue hydrangeas symbolize loyalty and devotion.


If you want to apologize to someone, giving them a blue hydrangea can convey your sincerity and regret. Blue is associated with forgiveness and understanding, and the hydrangea’s delicate petals can represent humility and vulnerability.


Hydrangeas are also great gifts to express gratitude and appreciation. Their lavish blooms and abundance of petals can symbolize abundance and generosity. Pink hydrangeas, in particular, can convey heartfelt emotions and genuine appreciation.


Hydrangeas can also be great birthday gifts, especially for those born in the summer months when the flower is blooming. They can represent joy, happiness, and the beauty of life. Purple hydrangeas, in particular, can convey a sense of enchantment and mystery.

Overall, hydrangeas are versatile flowers that can be used to convey a range of emotions in different occasions. Whether you want to express love, gratitude, or regret, hydrangeas can be a meaningful and beautiful gift.