Daylily Colors

Daylilies are available in a great variety of hues and patterns. The majority are brightly colored in red, orange, yellow, white, pink, or purple shades. Self-flowers have a uniform color. Two or more colors that blend is called blends. Other flowers, referred to as bitone or bicolor daylilies, have petals and sepals of different colors.

Additionally, daylilies can be banded with contrasting colors, have contrasting shaded edges, or have streaks running down the center of each flower. Some even have diamond dusting, which causes them to sparkle or glisten. Here are the detailed varieties of daylilies according to color:

Apricot or Melon Daylilies

These are similar to the yellow and orange daylilies, but they tend more toward apricot colors. This is one of those color combinations you want to try for yourself.

There are many colors available in the apricot introduction, all with strong chartreuse (puce) tones. They range from almost pure yellow to deeper tones and even shades of orange. There is good diversity among these new introductions, but they always seem to add a few lighter and golden shades that do well under adverse conditions like dry spots or as part of an irrigated plant show line-up.

Daylily with apricot or melon color flowers:

Adamas, Apricot Jade, Aussie Braids, Aussie Delight, Ballyhoo, Ben Lee, Better Than Ever, Blueberry Baroque, Call Me Carla, Calypso Bay, Candyman Can, Carved Initials, Celestial Eyes, Cleopatra, Clueless, Codyted, Cool Blue, De Colores, Denali, Double Love, Egyptian Queen, Forestlake Ragamuffin, Highway Blues, Julie Newmar, Kitty Wells, Lady Blue Eyes, Leprechauns Luck, Linda Daniel, Linda Dianne, Linden Pucker Up, Maleny Triplet, Marie Hooper Memorial, Moana Gertie, Moonlight Mist, Muller Road Mauler, Nagasaki, Paiges Pinata, Panache, Paper Butterfly, Parisian Adventure, Patty Anne Warren, Penny Pinsley, Peppermint Delight, Pouter Pigeon, Powder Puff Truffle, Raspberry Beret, Reggie Morgan, Robot Blues, Rodeo Sweetheart, Roses with Peaches, Sedona, Sense of Wonder, Siloam Double Classic, Simply Glorious, Sinai, Solid Geometry, Something Bold, Spacecoast Cotton Candy, Spacecoast Extreme Fashion, Spacecoast Gator Eye, Spacecoast Heavenly Frills, Spacecoast Krinkles, Spacecoast Ruffles, Spacecoast Sensation, Spanish Fiesta, Susans Delphi, Swashbuckler Bay Boy, Sweet Love of Heaven, Tropical Hot Flash, Ultimate Perfection, Volusion Spider, Wild About Sherry, Yazoo Souffle, You Angel You

Bicolors or Bitones

Bicolors have exploded in popularity in recent years, and an array of high-quality new varieties have been introduced. The majority introduce some blend into their genetic identity, possibly 50-50 mix or more, with good red/orange color gamuts and heat tolerance as a reward for that work. However, it may be subtle when compared to many other colors.

Daylily with bicolors or bitones color flowers:

Blue Diamond Mine, Blue Whisper, Born To Run, Chili Spice, Christmas Tidings, Dark Night Dynamite, Desert Dreams, Florida Snow Angel, Free Bird, Henry Lorrain, His Highness, International Delight, Jazzy Graphics, Kelly’s Girl, Kiwi Dazzler, London Calling, Malaysian Marketplace, Mountain Top Experience, No Ordinary Affair, On And On, Orange Sherbet, Rushing Delight, Sacred Ibis, Scarlet Lace, Siloam Bo Peep, Spacecoast Miss Margaret, Toy Circus, Vintage Daylily Wilson’s Yellow, Violet Vision

Black or Dark Daylilies

In hot areas of Australia, black daylilies or very dark daylilies require shade from the afternoon sun. It is best to plant near black daylilies or dark maroon burgundy flowers in afternoon shade unless these dark flower varieties are sunfast; otherwise, the flowers will not last until the end of the day. While black flowers in the garden always look good, caution is advised. Black, the darkest color in the world, will absorb a great deal of heat. While the golden rule is that more sun equals more blooms, this is not possible in extremely hot climates, such as where I live. It is best to plant and grow dark-colored daylilies away from the hot afternoon sun in summer. This will prevent your daylily flowers from fading due to badly scorched leaves and blooms becoming a paler shade of black or burgundy.

Daylily with black or dark color flowers:

Black Ambrosia, Black Plush, Bob Charman, Brer Rabbit’s Baby, Burning Embers, Dakar, Dark Prince, Darker Shade, Ebony Jewel, Ed Murray, Ezekiel, Goldenzelle, Larry’s Obsession, Laura Harwood, Midnight Magic, Midnight Raider, Night Wings, Prince of Midnight, Spades, Taken By Storm, Tuscawilla Blackout, Vintage Bordeaux

Blue Eyed Daylilies

Blue is the color of peace and sadness. Having blue flowers in your garden is a unique and beautiful option. Serenity, trust, and contemplation are all conveyed by these flowers, which are also used to express sympathy and hope for a speedy recovery. It is a beautiful blue flower that symbolizes lightness of mind, changeability, and buoyancy. Delphinium There is two popular blue flowers: the Morning Glory, which symbolizes arousal, and the Bellflower, which is a symbol of gratitude. Forget Me Not is another well-known blue flower that symbolizes true love and fond memories. In addition to being known as a weed or just a plain wildflower, chicory has a stunning azure blue flower that represents thrift.

Daylily with blue-eyed color flowers:

Acacia Bella, Asian Fairy Bluebird, Baby Blues, Beauty of the King, Big Eyed Butterfly, Blue Diamond Mine, Blue Hippo, Blue Lake, Blue Me Away, Blue Oasis, Blue Eyed Butterfly, Bluegrass Music, Boogie Woogie Blues, Bridey Greeson, Captain Blue, Celestial Eyes, Chinese Cloisonne, Cool Blue, Crystal Blue Persuasion, Delta Blues, Douglas Lycett, Doyle Pierce, Dress Blues, Fantasy Eyes, Flash Gordon, Freedom’s Highway, Funky Blues, Got the Blues, Highway Blues, Lady Blue Eyes, Lavender Blue Baby, Magnificent Hummingbird, Mildred Mitchell, Mokan Butterfly, Morgan Jay, Mrs. John Cooper, Navy Blues, Out of the Blue, Palace Garden Beauty, Pancho Villa, Seeing Blue, Sky Islands, Sorcerer’s Hat, Southern Blues, Static, Subtle Knife, Temptation Eyes, Texas Blue Eyes, Twin Pools

Cream Daylilies

The cream is a most versatile color in the garden, the creamy-white of snowflakes and soft mosses and warm, velvety browns. The cream blends beautifully with both your natural yard and artificial planters, so it can continue to be such brilliant colors year-round without affecting its beauty!

Daylily with cream color flowers:

Across the Border, Ageless Beauty, All the Magic, Answering Angels, At First Blush, Barbie’s Favorite, Beautiful Edgings, Bewitching Eyes, Big Eyed Butterfly, Blackberries and Cream, Blue Delicious, Blue Hippo, Blue Me Away, Blue Oasis, Blueberry Sundae, Bluegrass Music, Border Music, Boundless Beauty, Canadian Border Patrol, Candied Popcorn Perfection, Champagne Elegance, Chardonnay, Cherry Picotee, Chinese Cloisonne, Christopher Moody, Cindy’s Eye, Cranberry Island, Crazy Ivan, Crystal Blue Persuasion, Cuban Skies, Delightful Little Treasure, Delta Blues, Devils Footprint, Diamonds and Pearls, Dominic Brock-Cain, Doug Warner, Dream Candy, Edge of Heaven, Elizabeth Hay, Eloquently Edged, Eskimo Kisses, Exotic Pattern, Facepaint, Fancy Border, Fantasy Eyes, Fantasy Finish, Feathered Prism, First Knight, Fringy, Geneva Firetruck, George Seurat, Gerda Brooker, Get Jiggy, Giant Panda, Great White, Hannah Lillian, Happy Happy, Heaven’s Majesty, Helena Seabird, Hillbilly Heart, Huckleberry Candy, Igor, Inez Clary, Infinite Blue, Inspired Word, Irresistabelle, Islesworth, J T Davis, Jenny Kissed Me, Julie Banks, Junzi, Just A Tease, Lace Cookies, Lavender Rainbow, Lee Pickles, Lightning Strike, Lin Wright, Lucky Pierre, Macho Macho Man, Make Believe Magic, Mary Ethel Anderson, Mary Jane Carpenter, Michael Miller, Midnight Bandit, Missouri Memories, Morgan Jay, Neon Rainbow, Open My Eyes, Pancho Villa, Platinum and Gold, Queens Gift, Radiant Ruffles, Raise the Standard, Raspberry in Cream, Raspberry Prism, Rebecca Jayne, Roseate Stained Glass, Sabine Baur, Sacred Ibis, Screen Pattern, Siloam Ralph Henry, So Many Stars, Spacecoast Cherries and Cream, Spacecoast Cream Supreme, Spacecoast Seashells, Special Candy, Special Ovation, Spectral Elegance, Strawberry Lace, Sunday Sandals, Swashbuckler Bay Boy, Tuscawilla Snowdrift, Twin Pools, Velvet Ice, Wild Horses, Wizzard’s Puzzle, Wonder of it All.

Eyed and Fancy Daylilies

Eyed and Fancy Daylilies are a cross between the common daylily and the variegated daylily. They have the look of the variegated daylily but with larger, more colorful petals. The blooms of Eyed and Fancy Daylilies are typically larger than those of other types of daylilies, and they are often more colorful. They last for around 12 days, and they are a favorite flower of many gardeners.

Daylily with eyed and fancy color flowers:

Easy on the Eyes, Facepaint, Happy Happy, Midnight Amulet, Nicole’s Tiger Eye, Sir Francis Drake, Spanish Fiesta, Strawberry Lace, Wild Cherry Round Up

Gold Daylilies

Gold daylilies have the appearance of a golden sheen on small, delicate leaves. The blooms are cream-colored and covered with silky tuffa petals. Their stems can be up to long when in season, but they become much shorter during storage or dormancy just before flowering again in the next year’s new growth. Gold Daylily flowers stay open for only four weeks after opening, making them semi-evergreens.

Daylily with gold color flowers:

Across the Universe, America’s Most Wanted, Bill Norris, Bold One, Booroobin Magic, Cactus Jack, Corroboree Dancer, Double Talk, Fancy Face, Flamenco Tart, Gilded Butterfly, Halloween Trick, Layers of Gold, Making Double Time, Moana Wind Dancer, Prairie Fire, Pure and Simple, Robert Charles, Robert W Grenkowitz, Sir Blackstem, Small Wishes, Spacecoast Bold Scheme, Spider Web, Sungold Candy, Surprises Inside, Touched by Grace, Touched By Midas, Two Part Harmony, Vanilla Sky, Villa Del Sol

Green Daylilies

Natural harmony, growth, health, and prosperity can all be found in green. There are many different kinds of green flowers. Other colors appear brighter and more vibrant due to the contrast provided by these hues. Lisianthus, a flower in the lisianthus family, is a green flower that represents admiration, affection, and admiration for a romantic partner or lover. When it comes to flowers, the Hydrangea is a popular choice that comes in a wide range of colors, including green. An unusual green flower, the Jack in the Pulpit (also known as the Jack-in-the-Pulpit) represents safety and security. Additionally, the Coneflower can be found in various colors, including green, which symbolizes both strength and healing and medicinal properties.

Daylily with green color flowers:

American Flyer, Blushed with Emerald, Cool Elegance, Going Green, Granny Smith, Green Avalanche, Green Dragon, Green Flutter, Green Mystique, Green Widow, Lime Painted Lady, String Bikini

Lavender Daylilies

Lavender Daylilies are a beautiful and unusual type of daylily that can be found in various colors, including purple, pink, and white. They are also known as Lavandula angustifolia ‘Variegata’. This type of daylily is especially popular for its showy flowers that can be brightly colored and have a variety of shapes and sizes.

Daylily with lavender color flowers:

Alexa Kathryn, All American Magic, Amanda’s Intrigue, Amethyst Reflections, Ann Anderson, Aral Sea, Asia Fairy Bluebird, Ava Gardner, Baby Blues, Banquet at Versailles, Blue Diamond Mine, Blue Lake, Captain Blue, Carol Todd, Catcher in the Eye, Create Your Dream, Daughter of Magic, Debussy, Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Double Blueberry Pie, Dress Blues, Edge of Darkness, Flying Saucer Blues, Free Bird, Freedom Highway, French Confection, Gilded Peacock, Gillian, Ginny Mitchell, Green Treat, His Highness, Hollywood Lights, Irving Shulman, Karla Kitamura, Lavender Etching, Lavender Eyed Picotee, Lavender Heartthrob, Lavender Romance, Lavender Swirl, Levi Davis, Magic Filigree, Magic Lake, Magnificent Hummingbird, Mardi Gras Ball, Martina Verhaert, Master of the Moon, Metaphor, Mildred Mitchell, Mrs. John Cooper, Musical Medley, Navy Blues, Neptune’s Legacy, Nice and Easy, Oh Danny Boy, Out of the Blue, Palace Garden Beauty, Precious Candy, Priscilla’s Smile, Radio Rider, Regal Majesty, Royal Rego, Ruffles Have Ripples, Sandy Show Girl, Sea Siren, Sherry Candy, Skinwalker, Sky Islands, Sorcerer’s Hat,Spacecoast Starburst, Spiny Sea Urchin, Spirited Style, Star Asterisk, Texas Blue Eyes, The One and Only, Tranquil Love, True Illusion, Twilight Illusion

Lilac Daylilies

Lilac daylilies are annual daylily well-known for their beautiful purple and white petals. These flowers are available in various sizes and shapes and can be found in most garden centers. Lilac daylilies are easy to grow and perfect for those new to gardening.

Daylily with lilac color flowers:

Acacia Bella, Chinese Kite, Heron’s Cove, Silver Veil, Temptation Eyes

Maroon or Burgundy

Symbolic leadership, prosperity, maturity, and vigilance, burgundy is a dark color. Usually used to describe someone well-educated and well-dressed. It is said that the Burgundy Rose symbolizes unconscious beauty, which could also mean pure beauty, where beauty is not aware of its magnificence. The burgundy Dahlia, a beautiful flower with a burgundy coloration, symbolizes dignity. Burgundy Asters, which come in a variety of colors, symbolizes elegance, delicacy, and patience. Burgundy’s Amaryllis, which means “superb” and goes above and beyond “beautiful,” is another popular flower. The burgundy color of the Calla Lily represents rebirth and union. It is a symbol of the rebirth of the universe. When wearing burgundy, you can convey your love and devotion while also conveying a strong sense of self-determination.

Daylily with maroon or burgundy color flowers:

Baby Jane Hudson, Blackjack Cherry, Bohemia After Dark, Broadway Phantom, Burgundy Twister Spider Daylily, Burning Embers, Chartwell, Dark Night Dynamite, Dark Prince, Darker Shade, Diamond Star Halo, Double Wonder, Duke of Gascone, Eight Miles High, Extravagant, Forbidden Desires, Francis of Assisi, Happy Happy, Hero Worship, Hurricane Sky, Larry’s Obsession, Lexington Avenue, Magical Mystery, Midnight Magic, Moana Maurice, Night Embers, Night Whispers, Pagan Ritual, Purple Honey Eater, Rolling Thunder, Root Beer Truffle, Royal Celebration, Royal Occasion, Spacecoast Cranberry Kid, Star of India, Stroke of Midnight, Tuxedo

Mauve Daylilies

They are a beautiful and unusual type of daylily found in the rosiness section of the flower market. They are similar in appearance to other daylilies, but their petals are a deep mauve color, with a faint pinkish hue. They have a graceful, tapered shape and can grow up to 24 inches tall. These flowers are relatively easy to grow and do well in most soils and climates. They are not fussy about transplanting and will tolerate partial shade.

Daylily with mauve color flowers:

Always Afternoon, Barbarian Princess, Bella Sera, Blue Lake, Blue Whisper, Blueberry Frost, Cosmic Traveler, Douglas Lycett, Doyle Pierce, Freckle Lady, Honky Tonk Blues, In Search of Angels, Jayne Lough, Jean Taylor, Just Bizarre, Lavender Stardust, Light Years Away, Magic Amethyst, Purple Peace, Rhapsody in Time, Singapore Orchid, Spirited Style

Orange Daylilies

Orange is a cheery and energizing color. It represents the joy and happiness that come from being loved. If warm fuzzies had a physical form, they’d look like orange flowers. The color orange evokes memories of childhood. Despite their many colors, including orange, the cosmos represent order, peace, modesty, and the joy that comes from falling in love and living a fulfilling life. Tiger lilies, the most popular flower in this shade, symbolize love, beauty, mercy, female courage, and fertility. Orange begonias represent caution or care. In addition to the well-known associations with autumn and the harvest season, did you know that orange marigolds and roses represent grief and fascination, respectively.

Daylily with orange color flowers:

After The Fall, All American Tiger, All Fired Up, Andy Candy, Apache Sunrise, Art Imperial, At Dusk, Awesome Luck, Bat Masterson, Beyond Riches, Buck’s Fizz, Cajun Christmas, Candid Colors, Celestial Peach, Clovette Adams, Congo Coral, Copper Mint, Corroboree Dancer, Cosmic Hummingbird, Courting Trouble, Darwin Sunset, Delta Flame, Electric Marmalade Magic, Enchanted Autumn, Fox Hunter, Gavin Petit, Glowing Review, Halloween Kisses, Hemerocallis Fulva, Holiday Affair, Hot Ember, In Excess, J K Mac, Jerry Pate Williams, Kimberly Doll, Kwanso, La Charmante, Linden Honeycomb, Look Away, Madeline Macartney, Maleny Dragon, Mauna Loa, Mister Lucky, Mitchell Leichhardt, New York Follies, Octopus Hugs, Old Tangiers, On Looks Alone, Orange City, Orange Sherbet, Pat Mercer, Pixie Pipestone, Primal Scream, Pumpkin Berry Truffle, Pumpkin Kid, Rags to Riches, Red Eyed Shocker, Rocket City, Russian Temple, San Luis Halloween, Short Circuit, Some Like It Hot, Sorcerer, Spacecoast Brazen Bandit, Spacecoast Fancy Dancer, Stella Rouge, Tangerine Parfait, Tiny Pumpkin, Tropical Heatwave, Tropical Sensation, Turn Up The Volume, Unforgettable Fire, Wyoming Wildfire, Zest Of Orange Truffle

Purple Daylilies

Purple is, without a doubt, a divine color that symbolizes authority, royalty, mystery, enchantment, creativity, grace, charm, and elegance. It has been a symbol of royalty for centuries and is revered by monarchs and queens. Symbolic of long-lasting friendship, the Freesia is a common purple flower. Did you know that purple pansies mean “think of me”? In addition to purple, petunias come in various other colors, including multicolored varieties. The purple petunia represents how much your presence calms me. Many species of Violets exist, and they are lovely purple flowers with modest monetary value. The Violet is probably the most well-known purple flower.

Daylily with pink color flowers:

Applique, Arabian Magic, Archaeopteryx, Bali Watercolor, Barbara Lloyd, Beauty Of The King, Boardway Nights, Cell Tower, Court Magician, Dakota Destiny, Dark And Dangerous, Edge Of Madness, Electric Mist, Flash Gordon, Forbidden Fantasy, Fortune’s Dearest, Her Majesties Wizard, Jean Taylor, Jennifer Trimmer, Jules Louis Petit, Leanne Bilsborough, Linden Royal Robes, Lord Of Lightning, Mort Morss, Paradise Royal Purple, Peacock Maiden, Planet Max, Robes For The Queen, Rocky Mountain Twilight, Sea Of Cortez, Seagull’s Heaven, Sebastian, Silver Moon Sparkle, Spacecoast Surprise Purple, Subtle Knife, Tooth, Waiting In The Wings

Red Daylilies

Passion, desire, and love are all connoted by the color red. It is a representation of heat, power, vigor, and tenacity. The color red has tremendous sway, and it’s easy to see why. It’s the heart of the matter. The red Rose symbolizes deep love and longing. Romance and seduction are synonymous with a deep and abiding love for another. The red Rose may be the most widely recognized flower in the world. It is a symbol of affection and admiration. A red lily is a symbol of love, devotion, and affection, and lilies come in various colors. The color of the Poppy is almost always red, which is a sign of joy. The Zinnia, a beautiful red flower that symbolizes constancy and missing you, is best used when making a strong statement.

Daylily with red color flowers:

All American Chief, Amadeus, Amber Storm, Aztec Chalice, Big Red Wagon, Born To Run, Bryan Paul, Cherry Smoke, Chili Spice, Christmas Story, Christmas Tidings, Cranberry Baby, Crazy Crane, Dixieland Band, Donna Mead, Double Red Royal, Dragon King, Drowning In Desire, Easy On The Eyes, Echo Canyon, Enon, Extravagant, Fire Agate, Fire Breathing Dragon, Fire From Heaven, Fly Catcher, Forever Red, Gary Colby, Grand Duke, Happy Apache, Happy Hooligan, Hearts Of Fire, Helix, Highland Lord, Hot Scheme, Hunter’s Torch, Jazzy Graphics, La Scala, Ledgewood’s Firecracker, Leonard Bernstein, Lil Red Wagon, Lips Of Fire, Little Christine, Little Red Flirt, Long Stocking, Lord Of Riches, Lucky Dragon, Madly Red, Magic Carpet Ride, Malaysian Marketplace, Maria Callas, Marse Connell, Meno, Midnight In Paris, Moses Fire, My Heart Belongs To Daddy, Outback Red, Outrageous Fortune, Painting The Roses Red, Pure Indulgence, Pyromaniac, Queensland Red, Raspberries In Cream, Reason For Treason, Red Fang, Red Grace, Rose Nouveau, Roses In Snow, Ruby Pearl Sullivan, Ruby Spider, Satan’s Curls, Scarlet Lace, Scarlet Orbit, Seize The Night, Siloam Purple Plum, Sir Galahad, Spacecoast Cranberry Breeze, Spacecoast Hot Topic, Springfield Clan, Street Urchin, Superlative Daylily Australia, Swirling Spider, TJ Smith , Talladega, Teacup Fingers, Thin Man, Time Lord, Toy Circus, Velvet Eyes, Walter Kennedy, Web Browser, Wish Fulfillment, Wyatt Earp

Rose or Pink Daylilies

 Rose daylilies are known for their subtle beauty and long-lasting blooms, while pink daylilies are known for their vibrant colors and short-lived blooms. When it comes to choosing a flower for your garden, it is important to consider your climate and soil type. If you live in a cold climate, roses will be a better choice as they are hardier than pink daylilies. However, if you live in a warm climate, pink daylilies will be better as they are more tolerant of warm weather.

Daylily with Rose or pink color flowers:

Ash Rosie, Awesome Blossom, Banned In Boston, Benedict, Bridey Greeson, Bulgari, Castle Rock, Celtic Magic, Charming Charlie, Cherry Picotee, Cherrystone, Clowns Cabaret, Coming Up Roses, Coral Eye Shadow, Curly Rosy Posy, Darlington County, David Kirchhoff, Delightful Little Treasure, Double Cranberry Ruffles, Double Image, Dr.Jerrold Corbett, Dragon’s Eye, Drop Cloth, Edith Sliger, Enchanting Esmerelda, Eye Chiwawa, Florida Snow Angel, Frank Gladney, Freeda James, Frequent Comment, Future Past, Georgia Pearl, Green Revolution, John Peat, Kelly’s Girl, Kiwi Dazzler, Linden Opulence, Lori Goldston, Maleny Flirt, Martin Blondeel, Midnight Amulet, Mildred Brooker, Montana Miss, Morning Breaks Eternal, Nathan Sommers, Nocturnal Butterfly, Northern Fancy, One Step Beyond, Origami Angel, Party Pinafore, Petticoat Frills, Pink Super Spider, Poets Reverie, Pugsley, Raspberry Star, Ride The Wind, Roman Cohort, Romeo’s Heart, Rose Fever, Rosy Rhino, Royal Renaissance, Scarlett Kisses, Seeing Blue, Sentimental Bloke, Sheer Excitement, Shores Of Time, Silk Stockings, Siloam Double Rose, Snufalufagus, Sonoma, Southern Charmer, Spacecoast Shiner, Susan Elinor, Susan Pritchard Petit, Texas Morning Melody, The Band Played On, Timeless Treasure, Two To Tango, Two Tone Pinkie, Venetian Fringe, Victorian Principles, Witch Dame, Words Of Love

Violet Daylilies

Violet Daylilies are known for their deeply saturated colors, ranging from soft pinks to deep purples. They also have a long blooming period, making them a great choice for those who like flowers that last for a long time. You will need to keep in mind a few things when caring for Violet Daylilies. 

Daylily with violet color flowers:

Azure Violets, Blue Mountains, Brooklyn Twist, Creative Edge, Get Jiggy, Inky Fingers, Nile Plum, Olive Bailey Langdon, Queen’s Circle, Russian Rhapsody, Sanford Double Violet, Temptation Eyes, Thundering Ovation, Violet Vision

White Daylilies

Purity, innocence, honesty, and perfection are all represented by the color white. One of the most popular white flower varieties is the Day Lily, symbolic of purity and faithfulness. Many people consider the white Day lily a Holy flower because of its association with the Virgin Mary. Lilies symbolize flirtatiousness. The Calla Lily, a symbol of modesty, is also available. A White Carnation, on the other hand, signifies that you are a sweet and lovely person or that you are sending a good-luck message to someone else. The Daisy, another popular white flower, symbolizes innocence and loyalty. You are beautiful to me and symbolize fertility in my eyes when I receive a white Orchid, a more exotic flower with a white version. The meaning of a white rose is that it represents heavenly qualities such as peace, humility, and awe.

Daylily with white color flowers:

Across The Border, Amish Linen, Bird’s Eye, Blizzard Bay, Blue-Eyed Butterfly, Celebration Of Angels, Dream Legacy, Fringy, Gentle Shepherd, Got The Blues, Great White, Hidden Masquerade, Inez Clary, Inspired Word, Joan Senior, Journeys End, King Of Masks, Knights In White Satin, Lenox, Loving Memories, Mal, Manduka, Mokan Butterfly, Moonlit Caress, Moonlit Masquerade, Pandora’s Box, Serene Thoughts, Spacecoast White Out, Tuscawilla Snowdrift

Yellow Daylilies

Yellow is such a lovely shade of blue. Sympathy, trust, radiance, and friendship are all embodied by this flower. It also symbolizes intellect, cheerfulness, and optimism. The color yellow conveys a gesture of appreciation, love for family, and thoughtfulness. Aside from the spring Daffodil, all Daffodils symbolize chivalry, eternal life, faithfulness, happiness, joy, and rebirth. It is a symbol of hope, happiness, and new beginnings. Empathy and wit are two of the most common meanings given to the Dutch Iris. For many, the Iris is a symbol of ardor and desire. Different colors of Lilacs exist, but the yellow Lilac represents youthful innocence and self-assurance. Another common flower in this color is the evergreen Azalea, which comes in various shades. It embodies the virtues of restraint, passion, and femininity. The yellow Azalea symbolizes self-preservation and vulnerability, while the yellow Rose is a sign of friendship, warmth, and happiness.

Daylily with yellow color flowers:

Allison Jane, Amber Stained Glass, American Flyer, Aragon, Awesome Candy, Betty Woods, Bill Norris, Blushed With Emerald, Cabbage Flower, Cabbage Rose, Calling All Angels, Continental Holiday, Courtney Anne, Coyote Moon, Debbie Mead, Desperado Love, Double Cutie, Dream Machine, Easy On The Eyes, Elusive Dream, Etched Eyes, Eye On America, Eye Yi Yi, Fashion Police, Ferengi Gold, Freeda James, Going Green, Goldenzelle, Good Old Boy, Handyman, Heavy Metal, Ivan Attitude, Jacki Kropf, Jamaican Me Crazy, Jason Salter, Keep On Keeping On, King Kahuna, Lacy Marionette, Lady Arabella, Lady Bright Eyes, Lady Neva, Larry Grace, Ledgewood’s Firecracker, May May, Merry Moppet, Minstrel’s Fire, Morning Colors, Mynelles Starfish, New Paradigm, Nicole’s Tiger Eye, No Regrets, Oriental Opulence, Panther Eyes, Patchwork Puzzle, Quick Results Daylily, Rapid Eye Movement, Shades Of Havana, Sherry Lane Carr, Sir Blackstem, Sir Francis Drake, Small Tempest, Solar Max, Spacecoast Passion Released, Spell Fire, Stella Bella, Stella D’Oro, Steve Trimmer, Sweet Pea, Sweet Shalimar, Tar And Feather, Thunder And Blazes, Time For Eternity, Traditional Treasure, Trimmed In Gold, Tropical Shade, Unique Style, Vintage Daylily Wilson’s Yellow, Yellow Kitten