Is There A Purple Dahlia? 20 Purple Dahlia Varieties

Many different types of Dahlias can be purple. However, some Dahlias may exhibit purple hues. In this article, we’ll introduce 18 purple dahlia varieties you can explore to grow in your garden.

Meaning and Symbolism of Purple Dahlias

Purple dahlias also represent royalty and dignity, making them the ideal gift for someone you admire and respect. They are also known for their symbolic properties, including love, faithfulness, courage, and hope. It is said that the purple dahlia was once considered unlucky in some parts of the world because it blooms after death, when flowers traditionally signify joyous occasions.

The Chemistry of Dahlia Flower Colors

The colors of dahlia flowers come from pigments made from anthocyanin, chalcone, and aurone. Flavones, which are not colored, work with and stabilize anthocyanin pigments, affecting the color of dahlia flowers.

20 Purple Dahlia Varieties

1. Thomas Edison Dahlia

Dahlia ‘Thomas Edison’ is a stunning Dinner Plate Dahlia with enormous and magnificent dark purple blossoms. It is a very popular variety. The fully double flowers can reach a width of up to 8 inches (20 cm) and are borne atop stems that are strong and sturdy. This dahlia can reach heights of three to four feet and produces an abundance of blooms from the middle of summer until the first frost (90-120 cm). It is stunning when it is grown among tall ornamental grasses or combined with bright red or tangerine dahlias. Wonderful for bouquets and stunning when placed in the background of the border.

2. Babylon Purple

It has large blooms 8-10 inches in diameter pop with vivid shades of deep reds and purples, creating a stunningly dramatic show—a prolific and reliable bloomer from summer through to the first frost.

Due to its height, it is an excellent option for the position at the back of the border. Flowers have a substantial size advantage when used as cut flowers. Very little upkeep is required. It can be used in either containers or borders. A butterfly magnet!

3. Black Narcissus Dahlia

The Black Narcissus Dahlia is a strikingly beautiful dahlia with deep burgundy petals and cream centers. The blooms are large, four inches across, and can last up to six weeks in the garden. This variety is very hardy and can withstand cold winters if grown in zone 6 or colder home.

4. Bluetiful Dahlia

The Bluetiful Dahlia is a dahlia that features large, strikingly blue blooms. The petals are heart-shaped and can vary in color from soft blue to electric blues. These long-lasting flowers thrive in zones 3 through 10, making them perfect for most areas of the United States.

5. Blue Bell Dahlia

The “Blue Bell Dahlia” is a beautiful dahlia variety with blue blooms. The petals are light blue, and the center of each bloom is white. This variety grows well in zones 3-9 but can also be grown in colder climates if given adequate protection from frost.

6. Clearview Debby Dahlia

The Dahlia ‘Clearview Debby’ is a small dahlia used for formal or decorative purposes. The inner petals of this two-toned beauty are white, and they gradually transform into a lilac purple as they reach the tips. Each flower has a width of approximately 4–6 inches.

7. Crazy Love Dahlia

Dahlia ‘Crazy Love’ has beautiful white petals with purple edges. The center of these flowers is a creamy yellow, but the rest of the flower is white. The edges are a shade between fuschia and lavender. Crazy Love flowers are a casually decorative type that grows to be about 4 to 5 inches wide.

8. Emperor Dahlia

Dahlia ‘Emperor’ is a medium-sized purple decorative dahlia. This variety produces blooms that are 6 inches wide and grow on plants that are 3 feet tall. The petals will occasionally have wonderful streaks of either light or dark purple.

9. Mingus Randy Dahlia

The Mingus Randy Dahlia is a large, colorful dahlia that typically blooms for about eight weeks. The petals are burgundy with purple highlights, and each bloom’s center is white. This variety grows well in zones 5 through 9 but can also be grown in colder climates if given adequate protection from frost.

10. Mystery Day Dahlia

The “Mystery Day Dahlia” is a beautiful dahlia variety with large, dark purple blooms and lighter purple edges. These blooms are borne on sturdy stems and can reach heights of three feet or more. The flowers bloom from early summer until frost and are great for adding beauty to any landscape.

11. Lavender Perfection

The “Lavender Perfection” is a soft lavender dahlia with large blooms. The petals are oval, and the center of each bloom is saturated with color, usually a deep purple orchid hue. These long-lasting flowers thrive in zones 3 through 10, making them perfect for most areas of the United States.

12. Lavender Ruffles

The stunning purple dinner plate dahlia variety is called “Lavender Ruffles.” The petals of these 12′′ blooms, which are enormous, are curled, giving the flowers a ruffled appearance. When the side buds on each stem are cut back, the plant can focus more energy on growing the largest dinner plate dahlia flower from the remaining main bud, which results in the flowers being the largest.

13. Lilac Time Dahlia

The “Lilac Time Dahlia” is a beautiful dahlia variety with delicate pale pink blooms. The petals are heart-shaped, and the center of each bloom is filled with luscious purple pistils. These long-lasting flowers thrive in zones 3 through 10, making them perfect for most areas of the United States.

14. Natal Dahlia

Dahlia ‘Natal’ is a stunning dahlia variety with dark red-plum coloration. The diameter of the ball-shaped, crimson blooms is typically about 212 inches. Regarding the flower garden, the Natal Dahlia is an excellent option to consider because its blooms can be used as excellent cut flowers.

15. Purple Fox Dahlia

This mid-size dahlia has small ball-shaped flowers that can grow up to 4 inches in diameter. They are a bright violet color, adding power to the late summer and fall garden.

16. Purple Haze Dahlia

During the summer and the beginning of autumn, ‘Purple Haze’ produces double flowers that are a reddish-purple color and sit atop its dark foliage. It can reach a height of 80 centimeters.

17. Purple Gem

The Purple Gem’ Dahlia is a real gem of the border. It has violet-pink flowers with thin, pointed petals that shine in the summer sun. The ‘Purple Gem’ dahlia, a type of cactus, is one of the most colorful on the market. It looks even sassier when mixed with yellow zinnias, blue cornflowers, and red salvias.

18. Rocco Dahlia

Dahlia ‘Rocco’ is a popular mini purple pompon dahlia. These darlings, miniature flowers are jam-packed with lilac petals to the center. The ovary is dark purple, and the stem has soft, feathery braids. These dahlias grow to only 3 inches tall, making them perfect for small spaces or containers.

19. Striped Ambition Dahlia

Dahlia ‘Striped Ambition’ is a one-of-a-kind purple dahlia with fringed petals and streaking throughout. The pale lavender petals are marked to the tips with lengthy striations of a darker purple color. Each flower has a width of approximately 4–5 inches. This variety appears to have a fuzzy quality due to the split ends on each petal.

20. Venti Royal Purple Dahlia

This variety has a strong, uniform series of dahlias with double flowers that come in a wide range of solid colors and exciting bicolors. Fill the needs of gallon-sized and larger dahlias with a big flower display.