22 Types of Zinnias | Everything You Should Know

We provide comprehensive information on various zinnias, including their different colors, sizes, and growth habits, making it a valuable resource for anyone interested in cultivating these beautiful flowers. From compact varieties suitable for containers to towering blooms perfect for borders, this guide covers everything you need to know to select and grow the right zinnias for your garden.

1. Golden State Zinnia

Photo by @worapol.tang

The buds of the Golden State Zinnia start a rich golden orange color before opening up into large, fully double blossoms with rounded, densely packed petals that transition to a deep, vibrant orange hue. These eye-catching zinnia flowers measure several inches across when fully open, creating a bold and beautiful display in the garden.

2. Mazurkia Zinnia

‘Magellan Coral’ zinnia, a Fleuroselect Winner, features ruby to cherry red petals with striking white tips, creating a vibrant display in gardens or as cut flowers with blooms reaching 3 inches in diameter. Improved for double blooms, ‘Mazurkia’ zinnia is versatile, suitable for cut flower gardens, pots, or as a landscape border, reaching a mature height of 30 inches, and is complemented by the bicolor variety ‘Macarenia’ with scarlet petals and golden tips.

3. ‘Queen Lime with Blotch’ Zinnia

‘Queen Lime with Blotch’ zinnia offers a mesmerizing display with its dusty rose to hazy eggplant blooms adorned with lime undertones, adding a touch of elegance to any garden. This variety, part of the popular ‘Queen’ series, produces medium-sized double blooms, making it a versatile and enchanting choice for gardeners.

4. ‘Oklahoma Salmon’ Zinnia

‘Oklahoma Salmon’ zinnia enchants with its sunrise-inspired colors and consistent blooming, making it a standout variety in the disease-resistant Oklahoma series, prized for its abundance of cut flowers. Its dark green foliage, sturdy stems, and moderate flower size ranging from 1.5 to 2 inches make it an excellent choice for mixed bouquets that delight with each pick.

5.  ‘Oklahoma’ Mix

The ‘Oklahoma’ Mix zinnias offer an adorable array of prolific double and semi-double blooms, smaller in size at 1 ½ to 2 inches in diameter, atop sturdy stems reaching 30 to 40 inches in height, perfect for cut flowers and container gardening. With a maturity period of 75 to 90 days and low susceptibility to powdery mildew, this mix showcases colors including white, salmon, scarlet, carmine, golden yellow, and pink, with the salmon shade being a personal favorite.

6. ‘Zinderella’ Zinnia

The ‘Zinderella’ zinnias resemble princesses with their delicate “tutus” surrounding short, fluffy centers reminiscent of scabiosa flowers. Known for their charming resemblance to pincushions, these zinnias add a whimsical touch to any garden or floral arrangement.

7. ‘Magellan Coral’ Zinnia

‘Magellan Coral’ zinnia, a 2005 All-America Selections winner bred by Goldsmith Seeds, boasts fully double, dahlia-flowered blooms in a brilliant coral hue, reaching 5 to 6 inches in diameter. With consistent flower production and early blooming, this variety delights gardeners, with its first bloom appearing just 6 to 9 weeks after sowing, and its compact height of 15 to 17 inches makes it ideal for pot planting.

8. ‘Sunbox Mix’

‘Sunbow’ Zinnia Bright features 1 to 2-inch blooms illuminating bouquets with vibrant colors. With high yields of fully double blossoms in shades of rose, purple, golden yellow, scarlet, orange, pink, and white and long, wiry stems, it’s a perfect choice for cut-and-come-again flowers, providing multiple cuts throughout the season.

9. ‘Benary’s Giant’ Series

Benary’s Giant Series Zinnia boasts sturdy stems supporting fully double blooms measuring 4 to 6 inches in diameter, resembling dahlias and exhibiting low susceptibility to powdery mildew, making them perfect for the summer heat. With a maturity period of 75 to 90 days and a towering height of 40 to 50 inches, these premium zinnias come in a vibrant array of colors, including bright pink, coral, purple, and more, recommended by the Association of Specialty Cut Flowers for their beauty and productivity.

10. ‘Swizzle™’ Series

The delightful ‘Swizzle™’ Series features vibrant bicolor flowers on compact plants, standing only 10 inches tall, with large, double blooms that add flair to gardens and entice impulse buys at nurseries and garden centers. With two stunning bicolor patterns—Cherry and Ivory with ivory petal tips and a cherry ring, and Scarlet and Yellow with golden yellow tips and a magenta-scarlet ring—this series offers seed packets containing a mix of both varieties, making it a perfect choice for creating showstopping container displays.

11. ‘Swizzle Scarlet and Yellow’

‘Swizzle Scarlet and Yellow’ Zinnia is an ideal choice for garden beds or containers, boasting vibrant flowers that transition from red centers to sunny yellow petals, offering a striking display throughout the summer into fall. With its drought and heat tolerance, this annual thrives in full sun, ensuring a bountiful and colorful addition to your outdoor space.

12. ‘Macarenia’ Zinnia

Zinnia ‘Macarenia’ dazzles with its varying levels of whorled petals, ranging from delicate single rings to dense, glorious blooms, adorned in brilliant yellow and cherry hues with hot pink centers, often banded with fuchsia pink accents, making it an absolute knockout in summer bouquets. This easy-to-grow and compact variety promises to be the star of any floral arrangement with its vibrant colors and stunning flower formations.

13. Zowie!™ Yellow Flame

Zowie!™ Yellow Flame zinnia is a fiery bicolor variety renowned for its resilience in heat and harsh conditions, showcasing 2 to 3 1/2-inch semidouble flowers with iridescent magenta centers and orange-dipped petals. As an All-America Selections (AAS) winner, this magnificent zinnia offers multiple cuts over the season, making it a standout choice for any garden or floral arrangement.

14. ‘Polar Bear’ Zinnia

Photo by @hautefeast

‘Polar Bear’ Zinnia, a cherished heirloom known for its pristine white blooms, fully double and reaching up to 4 inches in diameter, is a perfect choice for adding elegance to cut flower bouquets any day of the week. Standing tall at 3 to 3 ½ feet at maturity, its long stems make it an excellent option for cut flower arrangements, ensuring a striking presence in any floral display.

15.‘Cherry Queen’ Zinnia

‘Cherry Queen’ Zinnia boasts striking 4-5 inch wide flowers in a vibrant fire engine red hue, native to Mexico and known for its fast-growing and long-blooming nature. Not only are zinnias excellent cut flowers, but they also serve as valuable additions to pollinator plantings, attracting butterflies with their abundant blooms.

16. ‘Peppermint Stick’ Mix

‘Peppermint Stick’ Mix zinnias are simply irresistible heirloom varieties, with cream or golden blooms adorned with streaks and splotches of scarlet, rose, orange, carmine, and purple, resembling peppermint sticks and sure to charm any observer. With flowers reaching 2 inches in diameter and plants growing 2 to 3 feet tall, this mix is perfect for patio pots or garden beds, guaranteed to spark conversations and admiration with their unique and colorful appearance.

17. ‘Jazzy’ Mix Zinnia

‘Jazzy’ Mix Zinnia offers petite blooms illuminating both bouquets and garden beds, adding a delightful touch of color and charm. With attractive, fully double and semidouble blooms ranging from 1 to 2 inches in size, featuring bright and earthy shades of burgundy red, red, yellow, and orange with cream, red, or yellow tips, these compact yet highly productive plants provide multiple cuts over the season, making them a versatile and vibrant addition to any floral arrangement or landscape design.

18. ‘Queeny Lime Orange’ Zinnia

‘Queeny Lime Orange’ Zinnia boasts large, double flowers, 3 inches across, adorned with soft orange and trendy lime petals resembling dahlias, held aloft by very long, sturdy stems above lance-shaped foliage, making a bold statement in the landscape. Blooming profusely from early summer to frost, this vigorous and excellent performer flowers continuously for months and adds a spectacular touch to borders and bouquets alike with its vibrant and eye-catching blooms.

19. Honey Bee Orange Zinnia

Honey Bee Orange Zinnia, a member of the Asteraceae family, thrives in sunny, well-drained soils and reaches a height of 10 to 12 inches, producing large, long-lasting, showy orange flowers throughout the summer. Ideal for cut flowers, borders, containers, pots, and garden beds, this variety can be propagated easily from seeds, offering a versatile and vibrant addition to any garden or landscape.

20. Dawn Creek Zinnia

Dawn Creek Zinnia is a stunning large-flowered pastel mix featuring soft pink, pale lavender, blush, ivory, and soft peach blooms, with many displaying a cactus-like form and varying levels of petal fullness. With long, strong stems and exceptional productivity, these zinnias will surely add a delicate and enchanting touch to any garden or floral arrangement.

21. Gold Zinnia

Gold Zinnia, scientifically known as Zinnia elegans, is an annual or perennial plant originating from South America, the United States, and Mexico, reaching heights of up to 3 feet tall and thriving in full sun. Ideal for borders, pots, containers, and garden beds, this versatile zinnia adds a bright and cheerful touch to any garden or landscape.

22. ‘Mazurkia’ Zinnia

‘Mazurkia’ Zinnia showcases striking ruby to cherry red petals with contrasting white tips, creating a vibrant appearance in moderately sized blooms reaching 3 inches in diameter. This Fleuroselect Winner variety boasts an improved likelihood of double blooms compared to similar varieties, making it an excellent choice for cut flower gardens, pots, or landscape borders, with plants reaching 30 inches at maturity and serving as a companion to the bicolor variety ‘Macarenia’, featuring scarlet petals with golden tips.