How Long Does Gardenia Flower Last?

It’s no secret that gardenias are one of the most popular flowers in this country. You see them in pots on every balcony. They adorn floral arrangements and bouquets, often seen at weddings and birthday parties. Gardenias are also part of the perfumes industry and have become a symbol of elegance and charm. Although it’s a perennial plant, gardenia flowers can last up to how many weeks? This article will explain how long gardenia flowers last and preserve them.

Gardenia Flower Lifespan: How Long Do They Last?

Gardenia flowers will typically last for six to eight weeks after being picked. This may vary depending on the variety of Gardenia used and the condition of the blooms. Gardenias have a blooming period of approximately ten weeks, the longest recorded.

Small white jasmine flowers bloom and have bright green leaves.

How to Get Gardenia Flowers to Last Longer?

Gardenia flowers are delicate and require special attention to last as long as possible. Some suggestions to help you keep your gardenia flowers looking beautiful for a longer period are as follows:

Water Them regularly

Ensure that gardenias receive adequate watering daily, especially in the early stages when they are most susceptible to dehydration. An excessive amount of watering can cause the plant to rot. During the summer months, pay particular attention to their needs. If necessary, water them twice a day.

Keep Out of Direct Sunlight

When exposed to direct sunlight, the leaves can turn yellow and fall off, and the flowers can be scorched, among other things. Instead of direct sunlight, place your gardenias in indirect light or, if possible, behind a screen.

Fertilize Them if Necessary

Feed your Gardenia with a balanced fertilizer every other month to keep it healthy during the growing season. Use an all-purpose plant food or an organic fertilizer specifically formulated for flowers and shrubs to get the best results. Don’t fertilize them, on the other hand. Overfertilization can result in lush growth, but it can also result in the death of flowers.

You Should Prune Them Every Now and Then

It is important to remove any dead flowers or branches to devote its energy to producing new blooms rather than accumulating an excessive amount of foliage. To maintain a plant’s good health, it is necessary to prune the plant continuously. It will keep the bushes from growing to be too large, which would prevent sunlight and airflow from reaching the leaves, causing them to turn brown and die. Gardenias can grow up to 2 feet tall, so it’s important to prune them back every few years to avoid becoming overgrown and overcrowded.

White gardenia in the evening

How Long Do Cut Gardenia Flowers Last?

You can extend the life of your Gardenia floral arrangement if you take proper care of it. Still, gardenia flowers typically only last a few days after being cut from their bush. Depending on how often the plants are watered, you may be able to expect them to stay strong for about two weeks. If it’s picking season and your gardenias have been well-cared for that spring, cut the stems down just before their blooming ends, so they are more likely to last longer than a week afterward.

How Often Do Gardenias Flower?

A second flowering occurs in late summer to early fall on two corsage gardenias, “Mystery” and “August Beauty,” which bloom heavily in May and June. In early summer, “Kleim’s Hardy” produces a profusion of flowers that have a strong fragrance. These plants grow on evergreen shrubs that thrive in the sun and grow to be between 4 and 6 feet tall.