Gardenia Growing Zone —What Zone Does Gardenia Grow In?

The zone system is an effective way to determine what plants will thrive in your garden. It’s a simple concept, but it takes into account four factors: soil pH, sun exposure, moisture, and drainage. The different zones can help you select the best plants for the environment where you live.

Gardenias are very sensitive to temperature and are very demanding in their requirements for growing. It is good to grow them outdoors in areas that receive direct sunlight but still experience some heat during the day. Gardenias require a temperate climate, with ample rainfall and moderate winter temperatures throughout the year.

One of the most commonly asked questions is what zone a plant grows when it comes to a growing plant. This article will answer all your queries on their zone needs and climate requirements. You will also find out the best gardenia varieties for different zones.

Beautiful white gardenia close up has an alluring sweet fragrance.

What is the Growing Zone of Gardenias?

Gardenias grow well in U.S. Department of Agriculture zones 8 through 11. Still, they will survive in a wider range of climates with adequate water, sun, and nutrients. The species Gardenia jasminoides, commonly known as the Gardenia, enjoy a wider day range than many other evergreens. Its ideal climate varies from zone 8 or 9 (USDA hardiness zones) to 11. It may take half a degree of difference in temperature and precipitation before plants lose any health benefits. As well as, they might have gained during their first few years after planting in different areas.

As a result of careful breeding, new varieties can thrive in Zone 7 or even Zone 6.

Gardenias can be grown in many different zones. Still, the best zone for Gardenia is the zone where they will receive the most sunlight and the most water. USDA Zone 8-11 are the most suitable zones for your Gardenia. Make sure to provide care for your Gardenia plant properly, and you will be able to enjoy its blooms for many years.

Here are the Growing Zones and temperature ranges that

Zone 6 (-10 to 0°F or -23.3 to -17.8°C): Plants in this zone are very hardy and can tolerate many weather conditions such as heavy frost, strong winds, and lots of snow. To thrive, your Gardenia needs a well-sheltered condition such as greenhouse and protected from frost winds. Frost Proof Gardenia is a variety that can thrive in these harsh cold conditions.

Zone 7 (0 to 10°F or -17.8 to -12.2°C): Plants are not that hard to grow, and they require less of your attention. They can be grown in full sun all day long, but you may have problems growing them with insufficient moisture during the dry season. Gardenias will enjoy a warm summer here as well. Even though it does not typically cool down much at night in this zone (compared to other zones), which is one of their ideal conditions for growth.

Zone 8 (10 to 20°F or -12.2 to-6.7°C): Zone 8 plants love full sun, but they only bloom at night. They are big and beautiful when you put them in a spot with enough sunlight during the day. Zone 8 is a friendly ground for gardenias because it does not experience much cold weather, which makes gardening even more enjoyable here than in other zones.

Zone 9 (20 to 30°F or -6.7 to -1.1°C): Zone 9 is also a great zone for Gardenia. This zone provides both sun and warmth, so they will flourish in it. The best place to grow them would be on the side of your home, where you get lots of light exposure but no direct sunlight from mid-morning till around noon or whenever we start experiencing more cool weather at night (by about 20 degrees Fahrenheit)

Zone 10 (30 to 40°F or -1.1 to 4.4°C): This zone, much like the one before it, in several ways: you will experience less cold weather at night and, of course, more sun during the day. With all that said, these plants are a little bit fussier to grow than your Gardenias from years gone, but there are numerous benefits. Your plant won’t “burn up” as quickly because warmer temperatures make their growth not so rapid, providing room for blooms earlier and enjoying blooming.

Zone 11 (40 to 50°F or 4.4 to 10°C): Gardenias like the sun more than any other zone, but they can handle some shade as well. No one in Zone 11 gets enough hot summer weather to make gardening enjoyable because too much cold weather at night will get them burned up by the end of many nights and no blooms.

Gardenia Flower.

Gardenia Varieties

Popular Varieties   USDA Plant Hardiness ZonePlant Heat Zone
Large-Sized Gardenia
Cape Jasmine Aimee Yoshioka’Zone 8-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Belmont’Zone 7-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Fortuniana’Zone 8-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Miami Supreme’Zone 8-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Mystery’Zone 8-11Zone 7-12
Medium-Sized Cultivars
Common GardeniaZone 8-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘August Beauty’Zone 8a-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Chuck Hayes’Zone 7-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Coconut Magic’Zone 8-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Daisy’Zone 7a-10bZone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Frost Proof’Zone 7a-11   Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Heaven Scent’Zone 6b-9bZone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Jubilation’Zone 7a-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Pinwheel’Zone 6-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Veitchii’Zone 8-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Celestial Star’Zone 7a-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Double Mint’Zone 7a-9bZone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Swan Maiden’Zone 6b-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Swan Queen’Zone 6b-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Fall in Love’Zone 7a-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Diamond Spire’   Zone 7a-10bZone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Fool Proof’Zone 7a-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Swan Princess’Zone 6b-11Zone 7-12
Groundcover/ Creeping Varieties
Gardenia ‘Radicans’Zone 8-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Buttons’Zone 7a-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Crown Jewel’Zone 6-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Golden Magic’Zone 8-11Zone 7-12
‘Lee Two’ or ‘ScentAmazing’   Zone 7a-10bZone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Four Seasons’Zone 8-11Zone 7-12
Cape Jasmine ‘Kleim’s Hardy’Zone 7-11Zone 7-12
Variegated GardeniaZone 8-11Zone 7-12
A white double-flowered gardenia is blooming in the hedge.

What Affects the Gardenia Growing Zone?

Several factors affect the gardening zone for gardenias. These are:


Gardenias need a warm climate with plenty of humidity to thrive. They cannot tolerate cold weather, so they are not suitable for growing in zones 5 or more out. 

Soil Type

Gardenias need well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter. They will not grow well in wet or clay soils. 

Amount of Sunlight the Plant Receives

Gardenias need full to partial sun exposure during the day and little or no direct sunlight at night. Although gardenias are tropical plants, they will tolerate some shade if not too harsh.