When Does Irises Bloom? A Guide to Flowering Season and Buds Development

Irises do not typically bloom at the same time all over the world. However, there are several times of the year when irises are in bloom. These times generally correspond to the peak of the plant’s reproductive cycle. In some parts of the world, this can begin as early as late March (e.g., California), and it can last through the end of June. Since there are so many varieties of iris, you’re sure to find a few that bloom again in the late summer or fall.

Early Season- Tall Bearded Irises bloom in early May and possibly as late as April.

Early Midseason- from early May to mid-May, Tall Bearded Irises grace the garden.

Midseason- in mid-May, Tall Bearded Irises parade with fanfare.

Late Midseason- from mid-May to late May, Tall Bearded Irises joined the garden show.

Late Season- Tall Bearded Irises are the iris show’s grand finale, with their blooms opening in late May to early June to reveal their splendor.

Iris flowers in the sunset light

What Influences Bloom Times?

Bloom times are estimates that are heavily influenced by weather conditions. With the introduction of more and more early and late bloomers each year, it is possible to extend the bloom period of irises to 4 weeks or more. To enjoy their massive and exotic blooms for as long as possible, choose varieties with early, mid, and late-season bloom times. Cold winter temperatures in USDA Zones 3-9 allow hardy perennial iris plants to dormancy, allowing for a reemergence in spring.

How Often Do Irises Bloom?

One or two types of Iris bloom a few times a year. You might also see gardens blooming all year long. They usually have a lot of different kinds of irises, which last a different amount of time in bloom at other times.

Find that irises can grow in any soil, from well-drained to wet, like Japanese irises, so you can find one that fits your needs!

Others, like the Siberian irises, thrive in soil that is wet, like a pond. Miniature bulbous irises need a lot of water, so they’re better for rock gardens or other places where there’s a lot of water.

Almost all irises thrive in full sun or a little light shade. In this case, the temperature isn’t very important because it can change.

All kinds of Irises rebloom in USDA Zones 5 to 6. It depends on how hot the summer weather is in late summer or fall.

They need more water and fertilizer after the first bloom because they are more productive than other types of plants, so they need more.

To help your flowers grow again, you should cut off the dead parts of the flowers. Good soil means you can plant in pots at any time. You should do it from midsummer to early fall if you want to plant in your garden.

Iris are easy to grow, and these are some varieties that will keep blooming even after they die down.

Blue and Yellow Siberian Iris.

Tips in Planting Iris

Cold Winter Area

Late freezes can happen well into the iris season in some places. You might not want to choose early Tall Bearded Iris varieties that could be badly damaged. Midseason and late-flowering irises should be your main focus. During the summer, the more your plants will live on.

Warm Climate Area

You might not want to choose late Tall Bearded Iris varieties that would not be able to bloom well in the sun or high humidity of early summer. Instead, focus on early and middle-season irises.

Select Reblooming Varieties

You can choose reblooming iris varieties if you want to keep your bearded iris flowers blooming longer. These types of iris will bloom again in the spring and again in the fall. It depends on the climate and how they are grown.

Iris Bloom Calendar

Bloom CalendarBearded Irises
Early Season Bearded Irises — Early  MayIris ‘Autumn Circus’ (Reblooming Bearded  Iris)Iris ‘Best Bet’ (Reblooming Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Clarence’ (Reblooming Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Red Rider’ (Bearded Iris)
Early Midseason Bearded Irises —Early to  Mid-MayIris ‘Acapulco Gold’ (Bearded Iris)Iris  ‘Anything Goes’ (Bearded  Iris)Iris ‘Autumn Tryst’ (Reblooming Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Beverly Sills’ (Bearded  Iris)Iris ‘Celestial Flame’ (Bearded  Iris)Iris ‘Champagne Elegance’ (Reblooming Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Hello Darkness’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Hemstitched’ (Reblooming Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Jesse’s Song’ (Reblooming Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Louisa’s Song’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Magic Happens’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Mariposa Skies’ (Reblooming Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Pink Attraction’ (Reblooming Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Rare Treat’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Splashacata’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Stairway to Heaven’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Titan’s Glory’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Venita Faye’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Winesap’ (Reblooming Bearded Iris)
Midseason Bearded Irises — Mid-MayIris ‘Absolute Treasure’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Before The Storm’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Belgian Princess’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Champagne Walz’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Discovered Treasure’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Edith Wolford’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Immortality’ (Reblooming Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Jennifer Rebecca’ (Reblooming Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Lovely Kay’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Mary Frances’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Royal Storm’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Sea Power’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Secret Rites’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Silverado’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Wabash’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Who Needs A Prince’ (Bearded Iris)
Late Midseason Bearded Irises —Mid to Late MayIris ‘Celebration Song’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Conjuration’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Dangerous Liaison (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Diamond Blush’ (Reblooming Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Dusky Challenger’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Florentine Silk’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Gypsy Lord’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Men In Black’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Purple Serenade’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Queen’s Circle’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Royal Snowcap’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Supreme Sultan’ (Bearded Iris)
Late Season Bearded Irises — Late May to Early JuneIris ‘Absolute Crush’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Catch A Star’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Finalist’ (Bearded Iris)Iris ‘Rajah’ (Bearded Iris)