When Are Blueberries In Season?

Blueberries are typically ready for picking during the summer months and are harvested from March to September, depending on the state. Florida has the earliest harvest, which begins in late March, and Maine and Idaho have the latest harvest, which concludes in late September. The first harvest should take place two years after the bush has been planted. Pick off the flowers during the first two seasons of the bush’s life to aid its establishment. After two years, prune your established blueberry bush to increase its quality and yield. After six years, most blueberry bush varieties reach their peak production.

Ripe blueberries are usually deep blue in color and appear full and plump. Blueberries tinged with purple or red are not fully ripe and will have a sour taste because they are not fully ripe. Even after they have been harvested, the color of these blueberries will continue to darken, but they will not become sweeter. It’s critical to pick fully ripe blueberries at their peak flavor. Blueberries are ready to be picked when the entire berry has turned grey-blue in color.

As the berries ripen, they become sweeter, so the best way to tell if the blueberries are ripe is to taste them. You will be able to detect any sourness that may indicate unripe berries in this manner.

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Blueberry Harvest Time

FruitInformation.com has provided a complete list of States in alphabetical order below, along with the general harvest time for Blueberries and the “best varieties to grow by State, as certain varieties are better suited to certain temperature zones.”

StateBlueberry SeasonMost Suitable Varieties of Blueberries for Cultivation
AlabamaMiddle May – Early JulyRabbiteye, Northern Highbush, Southern Highbush
AlaskaLate August – Late SeptemberHighBush – Northblue, Northsky
ArizonaJune – JulySouthmoon, Sharpblue, Sunshine Blue
ArkansasJune – AugustNorthern Highbush, Rabbiteye 
CaliforniaMid May – Late JulySouthern Highbush
ColoradoEarly June – Late JulyBluegold, Polaris
ConnecticutEarly July – Mid OctoberHighbush – Bluegold, Ivanhoe
DelawareMid June – AugustBluecrop, Lenoir, Nelson
FloridaLate March – Late MayRabbiteye, Southern Highbush
GeorgiaJune – AugustRabbiteye
HawaiiCan flower and grow all yearMisty, Sharpblue, Sunshine Blue
IdahoMid July – Late AugustPatriot, Blueray, Nelson
IllinoisJuly – AugustCollins, Patriot, Bluejay, Bluecrop
IndianaJune – AugustNorthern Highbush – Bluecrop
IowaMid June – Mid SeptemberPatriot, Blueray, Bluecrop, Rubel
KansasJune – JulyBluecrop, Patriot
KentuckyEarly June – Early AugustOzarkblue, Sierra, Nelson, Darrow
LouisianaMay – Mid JulyRabbiteyes – Climax, Tifblue, Brightwell, Premier
MaineLate July – Early SeptemberPatriot, Northland, Blueray
MarylandLate June – Early AugustBluetta, Duke, Earliblue, Spartan, Patriot
MassachusettsMid July – Late AugustBluejay, Duke, Patriot and Spartan
MichiganJuly – Mid AugustBluecrop, Jersey, Elliott, Duke, Rubel, Bluejay
MinnesotaJuly – Mid AugustChippewa, Northblue, Northland
MississippiMay – AugustRabbiteye – Baldwin, Southern Highbush – O’Neal
MissouriEarly June – Early OctoberBluejay, Blueray
MontanaLate July – End of AugustNorthland, Patriot 
NebraskaLate July – End of AugustBlueray, Bluecrop, Patriot 
NevadaLate July – End of AugustBlueray, Patriot, Bluecrop
New HampshireJuly – SeptemberBlueray, Bluecrop, Patriot, Earliblue, Jersey, Meader
New JerseyMid June – Mid AugustBluetta, Blueray, Patriot
New MexicoJune – Mid JulyNorthern Highbush, Southern Highbush
New YorkMid June – Early SeptemberHighbush
North CarolinaLate June – Early AugustClimax, Columbus, Powderblue
North DakotaMid July – AugustCanadian haskaps
OhioMid June – End of AugustHighbush – Bluecrop, Bluejay
OklahomaEarly June – Late JulyHighbush, Rabbiteye, Southern Highbush
OregonMid June – Late SeptemberNorthern Highbush, Half-High, Rabbiteye
PennsylvaniaLate July – Late SeptemberBluetta, Bluejay, Spartan, Patriot
Rhode IslandEarly July – Mid OctoberEarliblue, Blueray, Lateblue
South CarolinaEarly June – Mid AugustRabbiteye, Southern highbush, Northern highbush
South DakotaMid July – End of AugustHighbush
TennesseeMid June – Mid AugustRabbiteye – Climax, Highbush – Blueray, Bluecrop
TexasMay – JulyRabbiteye – Climax, Powderblue 
UtahMid July – End of AugustHalfhigh – Northblue, Highbush – Blueray
VermontMid July – Late AugustNorthern Highbush, Lowbush
VirginiaJune – AugustLowbush, Highbush, Rabbiteye
WashingtonLate June – SeptemberNorthern Highbush, Southern Highbush, Rabbiteye
West VirginiaMid July – End of AugustNorthern Highbush – Spartan, Bluecrop, Jersey
WisconsinEarly July – Mid AugustHalf High – Northblue, Northsky
WyomingMid July – Early SeptemberHoneycrisp, Haralson, McIntosh