Do Pumpkins Attract Fruit Flies?

Yes, pumpkins do attract fruit flies. This is because pumpkin flesh is a good source of sugar and moisture. Flies are attracted to these factors and can lay eggs in the seeds or on the pumpkin’s surface. Once those eggs hatch, larvae will eat away at the flesh, destroying your harvest. It’s important to clean your pumpkins well before using them so that this doesn’t happen!

Ways on Keeping the Fruit Flies Out From Your Pumpkins

Wash with Bleach and Water

Spraying a carved pumpkin with bleach and water every day is an easy way to get rid of fruit flies that work well. Pumpkins should be stored in a dry, cool environment. It won’t get moldy or rot before they’re ready, and bugs won’t bother you as much. When intricately cut pumpkins are lined up on porch railings or piled on doorsteps, fruit flies will have to search the pumpkin patch for rotten ones to eat.

Don’t Use Glue or Acrylic Spray

Do not believe tips that say you should use glue or acrylic spray to keep your pumpkin fresh. Glue and acrylic spray may keep moisture from getting into the pumpkin at first, but they also trap the moisture inside the gourd, making it rot faster. The final product will be a fuzzy, lopsided globe that looks more like a harvest moon and will be surrounded by a dozen or so persistent, winged astronauts.

Carefully Store

Pumpkin needs to grow in a dry, cool place. Start getting rid of pumpkin pests by putting your pumpkins in the garage or basement if the temperature is between 41-50°F. Choose a place that doesn’t get too much weather, like a covered porch or patio or a north-facing window. Avoid places like the laundry room or the top of the radiator that is warm and damp.

Take Out the Guts

After you cut a big hole in the top of the pumpkin, take out as much of the pulp as possible. Use a metal spoon, spatula, or small putty knife to scrub the inside of the pumpkin wall with a fair amount of pressure. The more “guts” you scrape out now, the less mold you’ll have to deal with later, especially if you live in a damp area. To keep pests away from your pumpkin, you need to slow down the decaying process as much as possible.

Use a Trap for Fruit Flies

Pumpkins bring fruit flies into your home like any other fruit or vegetable. Fruit flies are drawn to rotting fruit and vegetables and will speed up the process. They will leave behind a damaged pumpkin and an infestation. If you mix apple cider vinegar and dish soap, you can get rid of fruit flies without poison.

Put Citronella Candles Near the Pumpkin

Citronella candles are effective at warding off insects. Just remember to not dab any direct flames on the pumpkin. The resulting wooden melts will stain and ruin your pumpkin’s look pretty. Plus, burning citronella candles could mess with the health benefits of Citrus x Limonum oil so stick with a flame-safe incense instead of and keep other pests away from you’re house too!

Select the Most Healthy and No Holes

Choose a solid pumpkin that has not been damaged in any way. If your pumpkin already has a scratch or a nick in it, there is a good chance that it will rot more quickly than it normally would.

Where Do Fruit Flies Come From?

There must be an origin for infestations. Fruit flies enter kitchens, bathrooms, and basements if they detect a food source. They are attracted to fermenting substances in drains, mops, garbage cans, and overripe fruit on the counter. These pests can also be brought indoors by unsuspecting homeowners via garden plants.