Dahlia Size Chart | Know the Types and Sizes

Welcome to our Dahlia Size Chart! In this article, we will provide information on dahlias’ different types and sizes. If you’re planning on buying a Dahlia flower, it’s important to know the types and sizes of dahlias to make the best purchase for your needs. In this article, we’ll outline the different types of dahlias, and the different size ranges for each. We’ll also provide a chart that details the size of each dahlia type and the corresponding size range. So whether you’re looking to buy a single dahlia or a bouquet of dahlias, this guide will have everything you need!

Size Types

There are many different dahlias, each with unique features and requirements. If you’re looking to buy a dahlia, it’s essential to understand the different size types to choose the right one for your garden. Here are the three main size types and what they mean for you as a gardener.

Large Dahlias

They grow between 3 and 4 feet tall. The best-known dahlias in this size range are dinnerplate dahlias, which have double flowers that are 10 to 12 inches across. The best place to grow these is in the back of perennial beds with other big perennials. They put on a beautiful show in late summer and early fall, but they will need some support to stand up to rain and wind in the summer.

Medium-to-Low Height Dahlias

These compact 1- to 2-foot-tall plants are also called border dahlias. These dahlias look great at the front of a perennial bed with phlox, asters, and other late-blooming perennials. Also, you can grow border dahlias in containers. Try cactus-flower dahlias, which have petals that are rolled uniquely.

Smallest Bedding Dahlias

They would look great in window boxes. These 10–20-inch plants bloom for a long time and stay close together. You can also put them in pots and planters or along the edge of a border.

Dahlia Types and Sizes

Dinnerplate Dahlias

Bloom: 8+ inches

These dahlias are perfect for you if you’re a fan of extra-large blossoms. Dinnerplate dahlias can reach heights of 4 to 5 feet and have blooms as wide as 10 inches. Because of their size, these plants require a sizable plot of land to flourish.

You can grow dinnerplate dahlias in the back of a flower bed, against a fence or shed, or even in the vegetable garden. Be sure to stake the plants when you first put them in the ground, and then tie in the stems as they grow to help support the heavy flower heads.

Sample Varieties: Café Au Lait, Noordwijks Glorie, Otto’s Thrill, Thomas Edison, Vancouver

Decorative Dahlias

Bloom: 4-8 inches

This group of dahlias is the biggest and has the most colors and styles. The petals of a flower are either flat or slightly rolled. Cut dahlias look great and are an important part of any cutting garden. Most of them grow in a bushy way, which makes them good for perennial gardens and big pots. The blooms range from 4-8 inches.

Sample Varieties: Arabian Night, Karma Lagoon, Labyrinth, Procyon, and White Onesta

Ball and Pom Pon Dahlias

Bloom: 3-4 inches

The petals of these bright, perfectly spherical flowers are tightly rolled into a honeycomb pattern. Due to their construction, these flowers last significantly longer than those of any other variety of dahlia. Furthermore, the plants are highly productive. Throughout the season, they will reliably produce a wealth of blooms.

In terms of size, ball dahlias are the more common of the two. Their flowers’ 3–4-inch diameter makes them ideal for loose bouquets. Only one to two inches in diameter, Pom Pon dahlias are adorable. They add personality to smaller hand-tied bouquets and a splash of color and texture to more substantial displays.

Sample Varieties: Boom Boom Red, Stolz von Berlin, Franz Kafka, Rocco

Anemone-Flowered and Collarette Dahlias

Bloom: 3-4 inches

These blooms typically have more than one color and have lots of interesting textures to explore. There is a pincushion of tubular florets in the middle of an anemone-flowered variety, surrounded by several rows of more conventional petals. Collarette dahlias have two rows of petals, the outer row of which is the standard length and the inner row of which is shorter and more frilly.

Since their blooms complement other flowers, these dahlias are frequently used in bouquets. The abundant flowers attract numerous pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. They typically only grow to be about 2 or 3 feet tall, making them somewhat shorter than most dahlias. They thrive in confined spaces, so they’re ideal for smaller gardens and planters.

Sample Varieties: Edge of Joy, Lifestyle, Purple Haze

Cactus and Semi-Cactus

Bloom: 4-8 inches

These are among the most stunning varieties. The origin of these prickly flowers can be traced back to the Netherlands in 1872 when a shipment of tubers was shipped there.

Many of the most stunning dahlias are cactus and semi-cactus varieties. Because of their star shape, these dahlias are more resistant to the smothering effects of heavy rain than other varieties. Their lighter flower heads also require less staking than other kinds. They’re lovely as a bouquet, too.

Full double in form, the petals of a cactus dahlia are narrow from tip to base and typically curl inward. Sizes vary greatly, from very little to very large.

Sample Varieties: Alauna Clair-Obscur, Karma Corona, Nuit d’Ete, and Yellow Star


Bloom: 3-4 inches

Relatively flat profile, with tightly closed centers and many rows of petals that are either flat or slightly curved. Exquisite flowers in the shape of waterlilies are an absolute necessity if you value taking a more “elegant approach.” They bloom for an extended period, have lush foliage, are easy to care for, and are available in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Ideal for use in garden beds and pots and for producing cut flowers that hold up well in vases.

Sample Varieties: Serkan and Priceless Pink


Bloom: 3-5 inches

Flower-like daisies have a single row of petals around a large core. Bees and butterflies frequent it in large numbers. However, bees and other pollinators don’t get much from these complicated flowers. On the other hand, pollinators love single-flowered dahlias. With fewer petals and reproductive parts on display, bees, butterflies, and other insects can easily get to the pollen and nectar of the flowers, and the flowers don’t look any less beautiful. They look great in the garden and are good for wildlife as well.

Sample Varieties: HS Date and HS Flame


Bloom: 3-5 inches

At least two layers of petals encircle a conspicuous core resembling a daisy. Semi-double flowers have an open center and two to three rows of twisted or curled petals (4-5″ / 10-13 cm). The bright, vibrant blooms look fantastic against the dark, bronze-purple, or burgundy foliage that most types have.

Sample Varieties: Fascination, Bishop of Llandaff, Bishop of Canterbury


Bloom: 2-5 inches

Smaller in stature, border dahlias are ideal for containers. They are only around 15 to 20 inches tall, so they look great in front of a flower garden, along a walkway, or in a container. Remember that height isn’t everything. These short-statured dahlias are just as full of life and vitality as their taller relatives.

Sample Varieties: Gallery Art Deco, Gallery Bellini, Gallery Pablo

Dahlia Size Codes

AAGiantover 10 inches in diameter
ALargeover 8-10 inches in diameter
BMediumover 6-8 inches in diameter
BBSmallover 4-6 inches in diameter
MMiniatureup to 4 inches in diameter
BABallover 3.5 inches in diameter
MBMiniature Ballover  2-3.5 in diameter
PPomponup to 2 inches in diameter
MSMignon Singleup to 2 inches in diameter
SSingleover 2 inches in diameter

Flower Type

CStraight Cactus
FDFormal Decorative
ICIncurved Cactus
IDInformal Decorative
MBMiniature Ball
MSMignon Single
NONovelty Open
NXNovelty Fully Double
WLWater Lily

Dahlia Size Chart

NameFlower TypeSize CodeFlower SizePlant HeightColor
AC RoosterSTM3 inches3 feetRed
AC RosebudIDM4 inches5 feetRed Yellow
Ala ModeFDB or BB6 inches4 feetOrange White
Ali OopFDBA4 inches4 feetRed
Allie WhiteIDB or BB6 inches4 feetWhite
Alloway CandySTB or BB6 inches4 feetPink White
Apple BlossomCOS4 inches5 feetCream Blush Rose
Aurwens VioletPP2 inches3 feetDark Lavender
Bahama MamaIDB or BB6 inches4 feetMauve Pink Yellow
BarbershopIDB or BB5 inches4 feetRed White
Beaucon WhiteIDB or BB6 inches5 feetWhite
Big CheckersFDB7 inches4 feetMaroon White
Black SatinFDM4 inches5 feetBlack Red
BlizzardFDM4 inches4 feetWhite
Bo De OIDBB5 inches3 feetYellow
Born StySTBB5 inches3 feetPale Yellow
Bradley AaronIDB or BB6 inches4 feetMagenta
Burma GemFDM4 inches5 feetDark Burgundy
CabooseCOS4 inches4 feetOrange Yellow
Canoz AnneWLBB5 inches4 feetYellow Dark Red
Carl ChilsonIDM4 inches5 feetWhite
Carmen BunkyWLM4 inches4 feetDark Pinky
CheckersFDM4 inches4 feetRed White
Clearview SnowcapSCA9 inches5 feetWhite
Colorado ClassicIDB or BB6 inches4 feetDark Pink White
Colorado PixieSCBB5 inches4 feetPale Yellow Apricot
Colwood CrushLCBB5 inches3 feetOrange
CornelBABA3 inches4 feetRed
Crazy LegsSTM3 inches4 feetBurnt Apricot Red Reverse
D. SorenseniiSS4 inches5 feetLavender
Devon EclipseFDBB5 inches5 feetYellow
Devon SeattleFDB or BB6 inches4 feetPink White
DivaFDBB5 inches4 feetPurple
Dustin WilliamsFDM4 inches5 feetGolden Yellow Rose
Eastwood MoonlightSCM4 inches5 feetLight Yellow
Elma ElizabethFDA10 inches3 feetPink
EV Bright EyesFDM or BB4 inches4 feetPink Yellow
EvelineFDBB5 inches3 feetWhite Lavender
Ferncliff CopperFDBB5 inches4 feetBronze Orange
Fidalgo SplashFDM or BB4 inches4 feetDark Black Red
Fire MagicSCB or BB6 inches4 feetSmokey Fuschia Mauve
First KissSCM or BB4 inches4 feetPink White
French DollFDMB or BA3 inches4 feetLight Orange Yellow
Frizzy LizzyLCBB5 inches5 feetPurple
Gay PrincessIDBB5 inches4 feetPink Cream
Gitts AttentionIDBB5 inches4 feetCreamy White
Glenbank TwinkleCM4 inches3 feetWhite Lavendar
Glory DazeSTM3 inches3 feetYellow Orange
Grayval ShirazMBB4 inches4 feetDark Red
Harvey KoopIDA10 inches5 feetRed Orange
Hollyhill 6 in 1LCA7 inches3 feetYellow Red White
Holyhill PinkieCBB5 inches4  feetPink
Hollyhill StarburstLCM or BB4 inches4 feetMagenta Yellow
Hot TamaleIDA7 inches4 feetHot Orange
Hulins CarnivalFDM or BB4 inches4 feetWine White
IvanettiBABA3 inches4 feetPurple
Jaiver GWLM or BB4 inches5 feetRed
James AlbinFDA8 inches5 feetYellow
JaxLCA9 inches5 feetDark Red
Jax CharIDA7 inches5 feetPurple
JazzyCOS3 inches4 feetPink Burgundy
JennaIDM or BB4 inches4 feetHot Fuchsia
Jennifers WeddingIDA7 inches5 feetPurple
Jessie GBABA4 inches5 feetPurple
JoIDBB5 inches3 feetYellow
Just PeachySCBB5 inches4 feetOrange Peach
Kari BlueWLM or BB4 inches5 feetBlue Lavender
Karma ChocWLBB5 inches4 feetDark Red Black
Karras 150CBB5 inches4 feetWhite
KasasagiPP2 inches3 feetRed Yellow
Keith HWM or BB4 inches5 feetYellow
L’AncresseBABA4 inches4 feetWhite
Lakeview GlowICBB5 inches4 feetYellow
Lakeview Peach FuzzLCM or BB4 inches4 feetPink Yellow
LATEFDM3 inches3 feetPink Yellow Orange
Lauren MicheleWLM3 inches4 feetPuprle Lavender
Little ScottiePP2 inches3 feetYellow
Lovely LanaIDA9 inches3 feetLavender
Lupin BenBABA4 inches5 feetYellow Red
Lutt WichenWLM3 inches3 feetWhite
Magic MomentSCA7 inches4 feetWhite
Mardy GrasFDM3 inches4 feetBright Orange Yellow
MartinaFDM3 inches5 feetWhite Pink
MazamaWLM3 inches3 feetHot Pink
Mel’s Orange MarmaladeLCB or BB6 inches4 feetOrange
Midnight MoonFDM or BB4 inches4 feetWhite Lavender
Mingus ErikLCBB5 inches4 feetRed
Mingus MaryFDBB5 inches3 feetRed Yellow Orange
Mingus ToniIDBB5 inches5 feetPink Red
Mingus WesleyIDA8 inches3 feetLavender White
Miss AmaraFDBB5 inches4 feetYellow Orange
MoonstruckSCM3 inches4 feetSoft Cream Yellow
Mr. JimmyFDBB5 inches4 feetOrange
Ms KennedyBAM3 inches4 feetOrange
Nanna’s KissSCBB5 inches3 feetPink Yellow
Neon SplendorIDA7 inches4 feetFlame Orange
Newaukum HoneyIDBB5 inches4 feetLight Orange Yellow
Orange CushionIDM3 inches4 feetOrange
Orange PekoeFDM or BB4 inches4 feetBurnt Orange
Oreti SarahSCBB5 inches4 feetPurple
Pete’s Pink CactusSCM or BB4 inches4 feetPink
Pinelands PrincessLCA7 inches3 feetPink White
PoohCOS3 inches4 feetOrange Yellow
PoppersSCBB5 inches4 feetYellow Red
ProcyonIDB or BB6 inches3 feetDark Orange Yellow
Purple SplashWLM or BB4 inches4 feetLavender Purple
Rebecca LynnFDM3 inches3 feetRose Pink
Red UmbrellaSTBB5 inches4 feetRed
Robann RoyalMBM or BB4 inches5 feetLavender
SassyFDM3 inches3 feetPink
September MornFDBB5 inches5 feetYellow Rose
Shadow CatFDM3 inches5 feetDark Red Purple
Shea’s RainbowICBB5 inches4 feetYellow Dark Pink
SilveradoIDM or BB4 inches4 feetLight Lavender Pink
SkywalkerFDM or BB4 inches4 feetRed
Swan LakeWLM or BB4 inches5 feetWhite
Swan’s Olympic FlameFDA7 inches4 feetFlame Orange
The BaronFDB or BB6 inches4 feetDark Red
Tyler JamesIDA8 inches4 feetFlame Orange Yellow
UrchinLCM or BB4 inches3 feetDark Red Purple
Valley PorcupineNXM3 inches3 feetPink
Vista PinkySTBB5 inches4 feetDeep Pink
WatercolorsFDBB5 inches4 feetWhite Lavender
Windhaven BlushSCA7 inches4 feetYellow
Winholme DianeFDBB5 inches4 feetPale Yellow
Woodland’s WildthingSCA7 inches4 feetOrange