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Gardening Advice - General Help

Gardening Tools and ShedBenefits of Mulching

Save time and effort by using mulch for better quality soil and easy weed control as well as conserving water in dry spells.

Water Saving

Conserving and efficient use of water is good for the ecology and can save you money as well

Gardening Magazines

When you can't get out in the garden, at least you can read about it! Special subscription offers to save you money as well. 

Build A Compost Pile (Heap)

In Britain it's a compost heap and in other places a compost pile, but there is no mystery to it, whatever the name.

Farmyard Manure

Traditionally the best way to improve the fertility of your soil has been to apply farm yard manure. That is often hard to find but there are other manures you can find to use.

Fertilizer Tips

10 tips and hints on using fertilisers to help you grow better plants and save money and the environment as well.

NPK in Fertilizers

Most fertilisers will contain three elements essential for growth, NPK which stands for Nitrogen (N) Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). These elements help plants grow in different ways and an understanding of this will help you when choosing the correct fertiliser for a plant or for a stage in the development of a plant.

Soil Improvement Additives

Adding Mycorrhiza beneficial fungus and kelp meal has helped me to greatly improve my soil and garden.

Controlling Slugs & Snails

Slugs and snails are without doubt the worst pest in the garden. Many times seeds are sown and appear not to germinate when in fact they have been eaten by slugs overnight. Their appetite is voracious and their taste in plants extraordinarily varied but they all prefer succulent seedlings that are least able to resist the damage.

Gardening in Spain

British gardeners living in Spain , Clodagh and Dick Handscombe have written a number of books on Gardening in Spain and growing vegetables and fruit in Spain.

Vegetable Growing

Vegetable Growing Month by Month
UK's bestselling down to earth gardening book!

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Vegetable Growing
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