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TulipsGarden Lawn Care & Maintenance

Renovating a lawn is probably less work than creating a new lawn, but it is easier to keep your lawn in good condition in the first place!

Fertilize Your Lawn

The key to a great looking lawn is to fertilize it correctly with the right amount at the right time of the right fertiliser.

Create a Bog Garden

If you have a damp patch in your garden why not turn it into a bog garden? If not, bog gardens are both easy to create and beautiful to look at.

Cultivating Hostas

Hostas are one of the most goof-proof floral plants in the garden and easy to propagate by dividing. The main problem is slugs and snails and even that problem has a solution.

Day Lily

There is a huge range of modern daylilies to enhance your garden. Easy to care for, the daylily is a must have flower

Growing Liliums - Lilies

Liliums can be planted in mediocre soil and will flower but for real showstopper flowers you need to follow a few basic rules

Iris - Garden Princess

Irises come in almost a rainbow of colours and size and are easy to grow. Find our more about growing the iris and varieties of iris.


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Vegetable Growing
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Flowers, Shrubs & Lawns