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Garden Fine - Good Gardening!

GardeningWelcome to Gardenfine.

The aim of this web site is simple  - to pass on some tips and help you become a better gardener.

We're  based in the UK but  we think you'll find some help wherever you garden and whatever you grow. 

Gardening is a  strange hobby - given half a chance it will take over your life.  Whatever the size of your garden, you can always do with a little more. But as the years go by, it becomes more satisfying. Your skills improve and the results of your labours get better.

Container Growing

You don't even need a garden to enjoy gardening. We know people who go and help old people by looking after their garden for them and people who grow their own crops in containers on a balcony.

In fact most of the top growers use container growing rather than planting direct in the soil so they can control the compost and nutrients accurately.

 So if you have an acre or a handkerchief - happy gardening and we wish you success with your growing!

Vegetable Growing

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Vegetable Growing
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